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Comments for 'The Rookie - Chapter 3 - First Blood'

The British Commando
5:13 pm | April 11, 2002
Oh, and there will also be a new weapon in the next chapter, the M54A1-R Combat rifle...
The British Commando
5:11 pm | April 11, 2002
Ah well, HQ's glassed...but by who is another question....
9:48 am | April 11, 2002
screw what i said[even though my comment was erased]. HQ IS glassed.
9:48 am | April 11, 2002
your first piece of action is good. i agree, HQ will be glassed like the HQs on Sigma Octanus IV.
10:26 pm | April 9, 2002
HQ will be glassed like Firebase: Bravo and HQ Alpha on Sigma Octanus IV :)
9:11 pm | April 9, 2002
I like cliffhangers I think that the HQ is going to be a bloody mess. Keep it up
4:55 pm | April 9, 2002
ANOTHER cliffhanger! Great job. It's certainly a far cry from what I would write... Not that that's a bad thing...