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Comments for 'The Rookie - Chapter 2 - The Calm Before The Storm'

9:00 pm | April 6, 2002
Don't you just hate the ominous cliffhanger? Boy, I sure do, but I've been using them since HT, so I guess you're forgiven.
3:21 pm | April 6, 2002
I like these stories very much and I cant wait to see how you do the fighting parts and max3949 go to the thing named contact on the bottom left and you post ur fan fic in an e-mail
11:27 am | April 6, 2002
hey, you get a little nervous when you try something new. i mean i was going to send in a fanfic as well[if i knew how too] anyway, good story, though.
4:39 pm | April 5, 2002
i think your doing a great job. i really like your style of writing. continue
The British Commando
10:01 am | April 5, 2002
I was going to put the fighting bit in this chapter, but I was half-asleep while writing the whole thing, so I gave up. I'll probably start chapter 3 on the weekend somtime.
3:00 am | April 5, 2002
shoot...keep em coming, but try to make the coming chapters bigger ;)