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Alpha Lance
9:43 pm | September 5, 2003
Chapter I: Take Back What Belongs to Us

Deployment 00:46:05 (Shadow mission clock)/
Earth’s surface, Earth City.

“ Get down! Fathom!” yelled a Marine.
“This is Long Sword pilot, Kitty Hawk speaking. We are engaging the enemy. Over.”
The Long Sword screech across the sky, firing their missile at the Fathoms. One Long
Sword’s engines were struck by a Fathom’s plasma canon. The Long Sword started to lose altitude, as the pilot screamed on the COM channel, “Oh God my engines out, I’m
going have to make a emergency landing!”
The long sword skinned along the street close to the base. It came to a halt, and the
medic started to run to the Long Sword to see if the pilot needed medical attention.
An ace Long Sword pilot took out a Fathom with a missile, and just missing a building
that was blinded by the blue plasma exploding Fathom. “Oh yeah! You know them
Fathom are match for our Long Swords.” a witty Marine said.
“Hay! We still got that Covie force to take out!” exclaimed Shadow.
“Who said so!”
“Me, Shadow, the Spartan!”
“What kind of name is…Shadow?”
“I tell you later, know get on the Wart Hog!” Shadow order.
The Marine got on the LAAG, and Shadow jump in the passenger side and yelled
“hit it!”
The Hog accelerated and five other Hogs followed. In one Wart Hog was Kelly on
the mounted cannon, rambling on about how he is going to slaughter the Covenant one
by one. Shadow can still see the Long Swords fighting the Fathom in a distance.
“Alright, there just around the corner. So lets get ready pop some led in their bellies.”
Shadow said over the COM channel.
“Attack! Let’em have it!” yelled a Marine gunner.
The LAAG guns opean fire on the Covenant troops. There were about thirty Covenant
swarming to take cover and defense. Some Ghost support vehicles came racing out,
taking one Wart Hog. Two Wart Hogs broke apart from the pack chasing some fleeing
Covenant troops. Why Shadow and Kelly stead to take out the Ghost, which consist of
four total of Ghost. Kelly was shot a Ghost that was making a suicide run for them an
caused the Ghost to catapult into The Wart Hog he was in. The Ghost slammed into
the Hog, smashing the engine and killing the driver. “Kelly! Are you alright? Shadow
ask, as he shot up and destroyed the back end of a Ghost driven by a Grunt.
“Yeah, but its time to kill these bastards!” exclaimed Kelly.
Shadow’ driver stop the Hog and got out with a Jack Hammer and yelled “eat this!”
He shot the Jack Hammer, and hit a Ghost side, knocking it into a building. A
Marine shot a Grunt in the head that was driving the last Ghost and said “that how you
take down a Ghost! And boy I’m good, I so my self.”
“Show off .” mumbled Kelly with a angry look on his face because he didn’t get the last Covenant.

“How’s every thing on your side team two?” Shadow ask.
“Were just getting done killing the last of their troop. And we also ran into, two mortar
tanks. But we took care of them, and we will meet ya’ll at the base.”
Back at Echo Base, Shadow walk in the lounge area and sat down to go over on what
happen on the mission. Just before he started the witty Marine came up and said “yo
Shadow, you never told me about your name.”
“Ah yeah…well, lets see. Well see I don’t really know my real name.”
“Ha, ha! You otha be kidding me.” chuckled the Marine. “Ya well, before you say any
thing else, my name is Daniel Wayne.”
“Alrigth, back to the subject, the reason I don’t know my name is that I have amnesia.
When I was a little boy, my parents were killed in a bombing, and I was with them, and
I got knock out by the explosion. That is what the Marines told me when I was training,
In the Spartan II project. One know the one several years after the Spartan I project.”
“Man, that sucks.” Daniel said.
“Yeah, and Shadow is kind of a nickname the instructor gave me in the Spartan II
“Hay! You guys, there’s another Spartan outside that he is claming he was on the
Pillar of Autumn! Come quick!” yelled the excited Marine.
Shadow and Daniel went outside to find another Spartan. “What’s your name?”
A Marine ask.
“My name is Spartan John-117. And I came from this ring world called Halo. We the
crew were stranded there after the Pillar of Autumn crash landed there.” John said.
“Wow! Did you hear that Shadow.” Daniel said
“Yeah. I heard it alright.” Shadow said.

that is a real story
4:43 am | March 17, 2002
What the hell is a Black Flag and a Red Star? With a name like that, I don't have to read your story, it's already piece of crap.