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Comments for 'PostHalo Chapter 1'

3:53 pm | February 20, 2003
This is really good stuff. Usually I would make suggestions but in this case I don't have to. I hope you have the next chapter coming out soon! If you have any thing to ask E-mail at MattGBHS@aol.com, it's good to know someone has read the Fall of Reach and knows what their talking about. Keep up the good work!
1:27 am | March 8, 2002
Yes, Ian(bikeman704) is planning a second chapter but this time i'm going to proof-read it for him (he is a horrible speller) and when chapter two comes out, it will also come with the revised chapter 1(which is even better)
4:45 pm | March 7, 2002
This is good stuff. A very appropriate post-halo scene. Got anything else planned?
4:07 am | March 7, 2002
and just to think, this guy gets a C on his english exam...
5:21 am | March 6, 2002



A few things to shoot for:

Proofread! More. There's few spots that are just obvious typos easily catchable if you look it over.

Watch that capitalization... proper nouns especially.

Try to smooth out the flow of the sentences a little bit more; it's a little broken as it is.

On the whole, however, excellent work. Keep it up :)


1:11 am | March 6, 2002
Shit that was good ian, you sounded just like eric nylund...Im looking forward to chapter two ;)