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Comments for 'The Long Ride Home 6: When Hell Is In Your Face'

9:18 pm | August 21, 2002
i'm gay 'i'm gay haha im gay
10:32 pm | May 19, 2002
This is a fabulous story, Infernal! I really like how you are developing a storyline where the opportunity for a religiously entrapped Rajhin is indebted to the Master Chief, while seeking to rule the human as a conquered foe. A great way to catch himself a Covenant crew. Keep it going, and don't waste your precious writing time answering those that can't speak, read or write. Do what you do man, and keep the rest of us engaged.
11:40 am | May 13, 2002
hi, im going to go fuck myself nowanyonw ant to join me?
4:10 pm | May 11, 2002
Whoa man. Excellent story. All I can say is wow.
1:35 am | April 29, 2002
Isn't this a place where you write comments? Why is there such vulgaraity? I mean, Infernal has writtin a good story here and if u dont think so, post your comments, but dont make a big deal about it and use profanity. I also dont appreciate you people calling infernal gay. I myself can say that he is not.
1:24 am | April 29, 2002
i am gay thats all i have to say and i like it and i like little boys and taht's why i am gay and i punch people in the stomach during bondage games and i am gay
12:52 am | April 29, 2002
Deal with it, not everyone is like you, so leave them be, don't go out of your way making life a bitch for those who don't think the same way you do. If you don't like it, too bad.Infernal, nice writing, it's enjoyable and nicely detailed. If only we know where the storyline of Halo2 will actually go.I know I'm going to get flamed for this, but it won't degrade what others think of ME.
3:27 pm | April 28, 2002
I,m sorry to say, xlRustYlx, but your apolagie can not be accepted. I mean, kids at the ages of 6-11 [like me] could be reading the garbage you and big j posted. If you want to cuss and use the F-word, go sprout the wings of a mutant bat and fly like a chicken, while whisling 'Row,Row, Row Your Boat' through a car wash.[I'm not psyhco or crazy either, if that's what your thinking.]
2:51 pm | April 28, 2002
Hey infernal i just read you're post right after I posted thx for seeing the fact that im pointing out VIEWS and sorry if i did offend some1's mother is someway. But what i really fucking pissed off is when someone says im a buttfucking brady. Usualy if someone did that i'd punch the fuck in the gut. But obviously i can't. And who the fuck impersanated me while using the name xlrustylx. LOOK AT MY NAME WHOEVER THE FUCK WHO CAN'T READ IS. Ooohhhyaa P.S burn in hell whoever the impersanators are.
2:49 pm | April 28, 2002
man whoever did the "impersanation" of big j really sucks. this site is really boring only good thing about it is the wallpapers and the videos now im out of this fuckfaced gay fucking hole.
10:44 pm | April 27, 2002
Now you see here? This is more like it you guys.
10:42 pm | April 27, 2002
big j forgot to say we shit in each others mouths also
big j
10:23 pm | April 27, 2002
hello evry one i are gay and i like to say i and rutsy are sorry we both send are apologies inferno you are a good person and i like you name and i wanna fuck rusty so bad. i know how stupid i am and i like to speak for rusty. we dont fucking care about you fucks but we are sorry for telling evry one about are fuck lives. we are gay, and jirk off at the sites of are mothers and like to likc the grime off each others balls.
10:01 pm | April 27, 2002
big j, it's Infernal, not inferno. It's right there in front of you, how could you make such a mistake? Why do you keep mentioning the word gay, shit and fuck, and ball licking? I think it's really because that's all you know. You probably have a fetish with all of the above, constantly having sex with mr. rusty, letting him shit in your mouth, then jerking off at the site of each others' mothers. And if you're going to use a pronoun, get it right you fruit feast participant (fruit feast=gay orgy). It's OUR, not AREand get a life, instead of taking out your frustrations for your overweight/dietary problems and lack-of-a-girlfriend-so-you-must-get-your-freak-on-with-dudes-lifestyle.I mean, you two have no life, let's face it. It's like you have to come back and taunt others into an argument for the hell of it. Or maybe I'm looking at this all wrong. Perhaps you want to let people know what kind of lifestyle you and mr. rusty lead, so that maybe they'll be enticed, give you they're info, and you all could have a bigger gay orgy where you and all your moms could have sex. I mean, what kind of "cool" person constantly talks about homosexual games, fetishes and the like to people on a video game fan site? If you want, you could go to gay.com or something and discuss you and mr. rusty's private games and share ideas with others. Again, to mr. rusty, it's funny now how you can read into the future. Seems like you got a good head on your shoulders after all. I understand your viewpoints, but don't insult the individuals with vulgar language. Instead, be civilized, and talk with dignity. Someone's mother could have died, and you would be pissing them off.
big j
5:11 pm | April 27, 2002
ya ok first off all i think that rusty has a good point about all tose fucking fucks that probably jirk off at the site of their mothers and how fucking gay they are. o and that inferno fuck who thinks hes all cool and shit cuz he has a gay ghothic name and thinks hes all smart well i got one thing to tell u mister inferno fuck off u butt fucking monkey loving brady ball licker o and al u fucks are gonna pay cuz we will shit and force u to eat are shit and force u to shit out your shit which is compossed of are shit that we made u eat and we will fuck your mothers wile u sit and look and cry like the little pussy's that fucks realy are o and this gos for Louis Wu and Jaywhit10 who both of them probably licks there own balls cuz they will never get a girfriend cuz they spend all there time playing with themselves and gay games and. O and inferno y dont u call your ex boyfriend work things out comme down and go see one of your many therapists and talk about your issues until the the next time FUCK OFFyours truly big j and rusty
3:57 pm | April 27, 2002
Lol... I use profanities because that's what the wave of the futur is. And i stick around cuz i like to listen/talk. And im just pointing my VIEWS out to the people. And my average isn't "above average" it's high. Did i ever use the words above average? No i did not. You "children" are worst then those kids who waste they're time on dragonballz or other jap/chinese cartoon there is now.
11:27 am | April 27, 2002
What the fuck is your problem xlrustylx. We do it because we have ideas we want to put out which can't be put anywhere else. Some people write in their free time when they aren't doing anything else. But you no, you have a life maybe but still your brain is an empty tin can. Don't tell us its stupid just because you can't write for shit and don't bother us anymore. Thx
9:18 am | April 27, 2002
hey mr. rusty, I like how you waste your time just to view comments on a bunch of "buttfucking bradies" like us. If indeed you did have a higher IQ average than the rest of us, why do you tend to use profanity in instances where the "above average" vocabularically talented individual could easily express his emotions. I mean, you are an emotional person, are you not? Isn't it why you are crying your eyes out internally by trying to bring the rest of the world down with you? What happened, not a great sex life, is that why you need to watch porn on the internet? Girlfriend or boyfriend break up with you because you were "too smart" for them? I feel your pain buddy. Let all the anger out. I also know a great number of therapists who deal with these kinds of issuesperhaps if you want, I could give you their numbers and websites or something.
Louis Wu
8:58 am | April 27, 2002
I find it rather amusing that someone would actually STICK AROUND to see how his comments on timewasting were taken...
1:48 am | April 27, 2002
Empty tin can? Ya and god is a rat. My average is a fucking higher then you will ever believe you bunch of buttfucking bradies. And imagination doesn't really get you anywhere unless you use it on something hmmm well USEFUL. And come on guys do something with your life. And P.S. Don't fucking tell me what to do. The internet gave the world a word. And the world decided to use that word to bitch about others and to watch porn. Im using my word to bitch about others so fuck you
9:59 pm | April 25, 2002
reason why we like to make stories, xrustyx, is because it's fun. We like to use something called, the imagination, and write out what we think would happen next.
9:25 pm | April 25, 2002
What kind of fucking nerd has the time to fucking make a story about a fucking game. Might i addGET A FUCKING LIFE GUYS. FFS IF U WANNA MAKE STORIES MAKE IT ABOUT SOMETHING NOT SO STUPID. Like geez i like to play the game but what u're doing is fucking creepy guys.
5:38 pm | April 25, 2002
yea i like it. It's a good story and i enjoy reading them. I don't really see and mistakes in it so keep writing them. Plus I want to read what happens next so write fast.
5:38 pm | April 25, 2002
this is my favorite fanfic yet
2:36 pm | April 25, 2002
Please tell me if you like this story, feedback is good to have.