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Comments for 'The Long Ride Home 5: The Invasion of VILO'

Necko Divad
3:27 pm | September 27, 2002
About the running thing. In the Fall of Reach, Hally says that if the shields are boosted the traction is decreased and vise-versa. In a battle the shields are bound to be at full intencity. Therefore John117 would be forced to accelerate slower that a normal human. Anyway, Have you ever thought of sending this in to be published once it's finnished? You inspired me to write my own story. I'm still working on it though. It's from an Elites perspective.
9:21 pm | April 25, 2002
Good point, I forgot about that. Your story is really awesome though. The battle scene in the next installation kicks ass.
11:58 am | April 24, 2002
This is really good
Joshua "Infernal" Barreto
1:53 am | April 23, 2002
thanks for the comment though
Joshua "Infernal" Barreto
1:51 am | April 23, 2002
this is to the swordsman, I am in college, and I ran a 49 in high school, running on sand is alot harder than on a rubber track, with spikes. Plus, he wasn't just running blindly, he had to watch out for enemies, he was in the middle of battle.
9:54 pm | April 22, 2002
Great story, just to let you know, a 400 meter dash in 48 seconds would be a jog for a real Spartan. I can run a 400 in 50 sec and I'm a Junior in high school. But otherwise, its an awesome story.