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Comments for 'Taker of Life, Giver of Death - Prologue: The Faux Pas of Life'

2:24 pm | May 21, 2002
nice post shootme well I agree. The humans must come up with something new to combat these super-elites. This story will be awsome. Good job Ian
11:44 am | May 21, 2002
hmmm...what can i say? another great start another great story... hope you keep it coming...
3:52 am | May 19, 2002
No, I understood it, but did your character understand himself like we do? Lol, this'll be good man.
11:11 am | May 18, 2002
nice story u have i here, it's very good so far, i just wonder how in the hell a human/ or altured cyborg thing can even stand a chance to the super elite any more
9:47 pm | May 17, 2002
Sorry, forgot to put this in the last post: I like the way you made it tie in with the previous series.
9:45 pm | May 17, 2002
Thank you for making another series. It's started off pretty good, i just hope that it stays that way.
9:30 pm | May 17, 2002
Well that's the whole mystery of it. His previous creations were perfect. His new ones are more than perfect in the sense that now not only are they flawless genetically, but now they're much tougher from the grafted metal, so on and so forth. Maybe I didn't make that clear enough.
8:35 pm | May 17, 2002
I don't have a large comment so ill just spit it out. Its good and it seems like its gonna be a good story. Keep it up
7:41 pm | May 17, 2002
Neat. Though Zerr can't truly believe his creations are perfect if he believes he can create a being "more perfect." This chapter would be great for character analysis; something to use in an English class. Lol, good work Ian.
7:21 pm | May 17, 2002
This new chapter lives up to the ones written by you before it Ian. Very scientificly accurate although the possiblity of a triple helix had never crossed my mind it would be intresting to see what a biologist thought of that. I'll ask my teacher monday. Great start, keep it going.