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Comments for 'Taker of Life, Giver of Death - Part VI: Unwanted Guest'

2:20 am | August 11, 2002
No, I think I solved it but I don't know what it means. The numbers correspond to the letters of the alphabet. I get "R-A-L-U-A-N-D-D". Nike, this mean anything to you? I give up on it, maybe the letters are not in order?
11:40 am | August 9, 2002
I'm giving up. Tell us!
4:21 am | August 8, 2002
I had just about every kind of Legion in ROTA but nothing called the "Freedom Legions". The question should be what is "R-A-L-U-A-N-D-D"?
8:38 pm | August 7, 2002
I have no clue, I should know it but i don't. Im just drawing a blank, hey look at this "blank" picture. Heh Heh, im seriously bored right now
7:28 pm | August 6, 2002
Huh.......I truly have no idea how that would be an easter egg.... I don't ever recall reading anything about Freedom Legions in ROTA....but I assure you.... my mention of Freedom legions came in a chapter before his story was even out. So I don't see I could have linked it to his story...Nike, you were going in the right direction with that code.... keep looking. Start with the orginal strand, and lay the other two strands over it.
7:10 pm | August 6, 2002
The "Freedom Leigons" from Wado's story?
4:30 am | August 6, 2002
Nope, it's not a world.... not even in the ballpark.
3:50 am | August 6, 2002
Its the next world the covenant are going to attack, isn't it...I won't say what it is
12:27 am | August 6, 2002
Well....you're getting there.... You're headed in the right direction. But the code turns out to be more than it seems.
12:03 am | August 6, 2002
What's the easter egg? I liked it. The easter egg is that code. Am I write??????????????????????????
12:02 am | August 6, 2002
Whoever figures out my easter egg gets a cookie.....