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Comments for 'Taker of Life, Giver of Death - Part V: Rude Awakening'

4:12 am | August 1, 2002
very nice Ian, this could even be better than you last series.
11:11 am | July 30, 2002

Very nice, Ian :)
Knightmare Wolf
6:03 am | July 30, 2002
better than the second one i take it?
1:21 am | July 30, 2002
*Takes a bow* *Vec pushes Ian into a tank filled with sharks that have laser beams attached to their heads.**Vec takes a bow.*Heheh. just saw Goldmember. That movie is worth seeing just for the women. And then you get a ton of laughs to boot.
Knightmare Wolf
8:26 pm | July 29, 2002
Standing chances in space!?!? Wow, look out for that dinosaur! ;) Nice job on this one