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Comments for 'Taker of Life, Giver of Death - Part III: Dreams Into Nightmares'

9:25 am | July 24, 2002
I love u fan fiction in my opion its the best story i've seen so far and i am always looking forawrd to the nexted chapter hint hint
11:58 am | July 18, 2002
Why thank you, Lynnada. However, Knightmare Wolf, who's currently off somewhere, is a Canadian, so i guess that makes him a Toronto hobo (God forbid).
11:17 am | July 18, 2002
Nice chapter, Panzer. And so are yer other chapters.
Colonel Silver
12:34 am | July 18, 2002
Nice addition which is good.
1:15 am | July 17, 2002
you gotta respect arch man, he writes the best comments outta all of us. were just lazy la hobos.
11:33 am | July 15, 2002
It's good. I like the Covenant POV. It's something you don't often see nowadays. I like it, and hope you keep it up, man!
5:18 am | July 15, 2002
I like that neuron stuff, (can;t get enough) HAHA. Maybe he'll die from a major overdose like the king. He can go psychadelic and you can describe his colorful experience of licking toads and picking the lint from Dr. Evil's toes, and being ferociously attacked by minime in a nightmare. Kikkkkk azzzzzzzzzzzzz....es.
Cultivated Human
12:50 am | July 15, 2002
Kik azz. it's grate.
12:50 am | July 15, 2002