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Comments for 'Taker of Life, Giver of Death - Part II: The End of the Beginning'

Cultivated Human
7:48 pm | July 10, 2002
7:55 pm | July 7, 2002
keep writing.,.,
8:24 pm | July 5, 2002
*Pulls a string of words from Knightmare Wolf's mouth* Gee, where'd these come from? *Whistles and walks away*
2:53 am | July 3, 2002
Sounds pretty cool, try to keep it a little longer next time but it can only get better from here!!!
Knightmare Wolf
3:57 pm | July 2, 2002
err.. umm... Gee they stole my words.. lets see.... umm.... Neato!
11:38 am | July 2, 2002
Eh, shorter for a reason. I was just really making a chapter for introducing a character. It wasn't meant to be long and drawn out.
Archangels Blade
11:22 am | July 2, 2002
It's good. Man, you have got to continue this. It's shorter than your previous series' chapters, but it's really good. Keep it up.
4:33 am | July 2, 2002

Kick-ass. Nice work :)

The scene is set...