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Comments for 'Taker of Life, Giver of Death part X - Only Mortal'

2:26 pm | October 5, 2002
hello ian i posted a comment way back in the middleof the first series...in a word I loved it. To me yours is the "real" continuation of the Halo story...Your second series is just flat out greatsci-fi writing. You should write the follow-up to the Fall of reach book. Im always checking for the next installment...always. Until today ive never cared to read the comments people have made. I read them today only because I recently viewed the Halo 2 movie and became inflamed for all things Halo. Its amazing how critical some of these people can be. Not to mention how rude others can be. Your writings take me to another place and allow me to enjoy Halo beyond the game and the book,much in the same way Starwars books extend the world of that series. Anyway thanx a bunch and keep up the good work. Now how fast will someone call this a love letter and correct my spelling.Ian who do you read on this site
5:42 pm | September 24, 2002
well, i think this is a very good series. and wish to read more. so keep writing
3:07 am | September 24, 2002
*I said Shadow's comment area. I meant PanZer, really. I'm sorry. No disrespect intended, both are great writers. *Takes right foot out of mouth and inserts left foot. Takes up yoga and trains for 1000 years, becomes so flexible that can kick own butt with top of foot. Proceeds to kick self profusely.*
2:47 am | September 24, 2002
Thanks for the support Knightmare, but I'm also old enough to be like Vector's older brother (alright his father, no I'm not his father so get that Darth Vader thing out of your head). Anyway I see a lot of potential with the writers here. I don't think it fair to compare me to the younger folks on all regards. I've got that thing called experience (you know you can't steal that, you have to earn it -- oops that's first base in baseball).

I'm thinking that a few of you might make it big and then I'll say something like, I knew that young whipper-snapper before he got all big headed. Write on because the years will pass on like the morning dew on a willow tree. Enjoy them while you can.

With all due respect this is Shadow's comment area so... I'm impressed with this story and your writing, keep it up please.

9:54 pm | September 22, 2002
I am afraid I'll have to disagree on the Vector thing... For one, it's always the same. Two, Wado is better methinks.
Mr Bill
2:18 am | September 21, 2002
I wish that I could fly into the sky....
2:51 am | September 20, 2002
Oh pssshaw! You have got to give vector mad props. He makes the rest of us look like small children.
12:14 am | September 20, 2002
yea right. this and Shadow of the Archons are the best yet written
10:42 am | September 19, 2002
Their are very few mistakes and Theirs nothing for me to gripe about you take all the fun out of this.
5:06 am | September 19, 2002
Lol. Are you being sarcastic? I wasn't complaining. If it sounded like I was, I wasn't trying to to.Thanks, btw.
4:12 am | September 19, 2002
It's good, very good. Happy now?
3:27 am | September 19, 2002
Wow, lol. People always used to write comments for my stories. Guess you have to make way for all the new blood.. lol. Or do people just think this series is stupid?