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Comments for 'Operation False Prophets, Chapter Nine: You Can Run, But You'll Still Die!'

6:51 pm | December 4, 2003
11:49 am | April 27, 2002
Another great chapter, a little weeker than the other ones, but still good.
*THASF* A.K.A. The Halo And Sonic Fan
1:12 am | April 25, 2002
Oh man, your story is so awesome. I love it, and I love it more. Whooooooo!!!!!! :D :D
2:11 am | April 24, 2002
what evidence? The way they get tricked has nothing to do with mathematics or who captured the Prophets. Hold your doubts or concerns till I've written the next couple chapters. Hopefully then everything will be clear as rain. Expected release date: Next Monday.... but I'm not making any guarantees.
10:15 pm | April 23, 2002
I don't get it how the heck do the covenant get played for fools if their scientists are so smart they can disassemble a car in seconds and remember wormhole jump calculations in their head? Wouldn't they somehow piece together the evidence?
my name is
2:38 pm | April 23, 2002
Great story! I want to see a lot more!
9:07 pm | April 22, 2002
Damn this is good. It's very good and i like your stories
8:20 pm | April 22, 2002
Maybe, you'll just have to see. The plot gets kinda tricky pretty soon, and the Covenant get played for fools. :)
8:15 pm | April 22, 2002
I'll take another stab at this 1) covenant contact humans and ask for their wittle prophets back or say they'll attack 2) prophet scam is revealed 3) elite caste is enraged and declares a temporary cease fire with humans to deal with this ?4) covenant attempt to make a long-term cease fire agreement to deal with flood threatam I right? huh?