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Comments for 'Operation False Prophets, Chapter Eight: The Lights are On, But No One is Home'

3:03 am | April 18, 2002
Doh, now you ruined it! You spoiled it for everyone. Ah, but the test, which part did you spoil?Ah hell, you were smart enough so far, I think you can figure out what you spoiled.
12:16 am | April 18, 2002
4 thingsBet its Kelly (she wasn't really killed per say in FoR)If its not human (forerunner) i'll hate your story from here on outBetter explain how the Spartan got thereNeeds a big space battle pleeeeeeeeeease!
5:09 pm | April 17, 2002
keep writing it makes me wanna read more
11:51 am | April 16, 2002
great storie i hope u keep writing, i wonder wich sparten it's
11:33 am | April 16, 2002
Lol tight but i want to see which Spartan it is lol
Captain Murphy
11:24 am | April 16, 2002
Sweet. That is not the end right?
Captain Murphy
11:24 am | April 16, 2002
Sweet. That is not the end right?
4:24 am | April 16, 2002
wow...nice job panzer...keep it coming...
1:06 am | April 16, 2002
Nope, not the end. I'm glad you wanna know which Spartan it is... I was going for "Annoy the readers" by first revealing a "shadow", then reveal its a spartan, then, next, you find out who it is, and how they got there..... Plot twists everywhere...hahahahahah
8:44 pm | April 15, 2002
. . . . . . Geez that was very intresting, I can't wait for the next one. I love your stories.
8:42 pm | April 15, 2002
Im gonna cry.....