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Comments for 'Operation False Prophets, Chapter Four: Shadow Among the Shadows'

8:57 pm | March 13, 2002
OK just finished reading FoR and yes, I understand now what's going on. Now the series is making sense to me... when's the next one up?
4:12 am | March 10, 2002
Great story. Flows well and the series is well written. I especially like the 8 guage Hippo one.
3:45 am | March 9, 2002
The only way u would know his mission is if u read FoR, guess I made an error in judgement there. I assumed people would know. He is there to capture, not kill the prophets, and use them to force a truce.
4:34 pm | March 8, 2002
Latest chapter is easy to read, flows well, and it looks like you've done work on the proofreading. Great job! One thing confused me... what is John on the planet for? He seems to know what he wants to do, but the story doesn't tell us what that is. I felt like I missed something. I am guessing that he is trying to find a way to save Earth by assassinating, not disproving, the Prophets but it's not clear.