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Comments for 'Operation False Prophets, Chapter Three: Eight Gauge Hippo'

6:20 am | March 14, 2002

I can.

It's good :)

3:15 pm | March 1, 2002
Yeah you caught me there. Minor spelling error on my part. Anyway I was just commenting on how it would be interesting to see someone develop the Chief's more vengeful side. And as far as my rating, I suppose since I don't read a whole lot of 14 yr old fiction, it would have to be compared to whatever fiction is published. I can't really gauge '14 yr old' standards ;)
8:44 am | March 1, 2002
very good...love the actions scenes...luv the title also :)
4:34 am | March 1, 2002
Ah but aren't spelling errors human... "murderous military brethern"Also, Covenant round up and kill innocent civilians as it says it FoR. The Spartans had watched Jackals and grunts tear civilians apart. John is simply returning the favor. :) But what I meant to get across there was although not all covenant sweep the galaxy killing all humans, the civilians shouldn't get any special treatment. After September 11th, we just started bombing the poo out of everything in Afghan. Civilian or not.decent as in good for a Freshman in HS, or decent as in mediocre writing skills period? Cuz decent for an adult isn't necessarily the same as decent for a 14 yr old like me. Just wondering what kind of standards you're running :)
4:05 pm | February 28, 2002
Love the action scenes, especially the Elite Commander kill. Concise and smooth. Aside from some minor grammatical and spelling errors, the writing is decent. One comment... the last line implies that the Chief wants to treat civilian Covenant like their murdererous military brethern when he typically kills only when necessary for the mission... interesting - are you going to be evolving his darker side here? -Roger