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Comments for 'Operation False Prophets, Chapter Two: If I had Pink Hallways, I'd Make Somebody Pay'

7:14 pm | February 22, 2002

Accepted. But it's still sort of a big deal, and certainly a surprise Cortana and the MC don't even react to it :)

As for the quote thing, er, you're half-right. If you open a new paragraph within a single line of dialogue, then you don't have to CLOSE the first quote but you do have to open the second one.


     "Yeah, yeah, I know. I like cheese, though. And it's really tasty when you add zesty pepper.
     "On the other hand, I also like to shoot people in the groin. I don't know why, I'm turkey monkey noses."

You see? I leave the first paragraph un-closed, but I still have to open (and close) the second paragraph.

5:59 am | February 22, 2002
Hmmm. Je cherche pour uhhhh errors. Et trouve quatre uhhhh errors with quotations.I only found four errors with quotes, which may be a lot, but I don't think I had that many in the first chapter, if any. Also, u probably realize, but just to make sure, if someones talking, and u start another paragraph while they're talking, u dont need any more quotes, but u knew that right? Also, that "discovery", it wasnt meant to "change the war." I was simply trying to play off the fact that Covenant ships had always been faster and more accurate. It wouldnt really change the war all that much. Besides, think about it. If a homeworld is two light years from halo, and who knows much farther to a human world. It wouldnt do much good to send reinforcements if theyre two years away. They would get there a little late to help out. :)
5:37 am | February 22, 2002
Quote syntax: you know, making sure you put quotes around dialogue and making sure you put ALL of them in, the right places :)

The discovery: the wormhole bit. Although my comment applies in other places, too.


2:48 am | February 22, 2002
Whats quote syntax?What discovery?
2:44 am | February 22, 2002

Yes :)

Good. Watch your quote-syntax, though. And, erm, it was a leetle bit sudden to just have Cortana pop up and say "Oh, by the way, here's this absolutely incredible discovery that could change the war, you want some tea?" Some preamble, you get what I mean.