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Comments for 'Operation False Prophets, Chapter Thirteen: The Best Covenant Is a Dead Covenant'

11:13 am | May 8, 2002
PLEEEEEASE! Don't end it soon. The only way to really finish this in two chapters would be to have them twenty pages long. I don't care if the next one's a doozie. It couldn't possibly cover the rest. There's so much potential in this story! PLEEEEASE! NOO!
2:17 am | May 8, 2002
There's probably a lot of potential from your point of view. But from my end, this story is winding down, and at the same time, about to climax. I could stretch it out, but due to time constraints (vector has a little upcoming project, and it needs to be done by the 25th) So even if I wanted to extend it, which I don't, I couldn't. I wrote all of Chapter 14 today. Probably see it by tomorrow (5/8)Anyway, this story has gone exactly where I wanted it to go in the way I wanted it to. I think you'll like the next chapter. Just make sure you don't have a stroke half way through, read throught to the end.
1:03 am | May 8, 2002
I gotta say this was a nice part you wrote. It was one of the best non-fighting parts i've wrote. I don't want the seires to end but I know it has to. Good Job and can't wait to read more
10:37 pm | May 7, 2002
Thats good to hear, i had doubts that it was ur last ;) hurry up with the next ones please
9:21 pm | May 7, 2002
LOL, its not over yet :) Maybe I lead on to much that it was over. But it's not. Almost. Exactly two more chapters. Next ones a doozy :)
7:28 pm | May 7, 2002
Great job, Ian, this is one of the best written stories i've read so far and the last chapter was no exception. Very good, i espcially like the metaphor you made with the dove flying into the sheild.
7:08 pm | May 7, 2002
Wow, that's a great conclusion to your series man. Good luck on your future endeavers.
6:16 pm | May 7, 2002
So I'm guessing it's all over now? Whoah.
The Aracation
4:41 pm | May 7, 2002
Rock on Ian