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Comments for 'Operation False Prophets, Chapter Twelve: They Kill Quickly, They Die Even Quicker'

11:27 am | May 6, 2002
Second series are always weirder here at HBO. Look at just about any authors first and second major works and you'll see what I mean.

I'm a case in point.

10:44 pm | May 5, 2002
Planning on making another series after this one. But I am not sure what's its going to be about. I have some cool ideas that are kinda weird, and I don't know how'd I'd incorporate them into another series without it being really gay. We'll see.
9:59 pm | May 5, 2002
Dang that was a good one. I like this series and I hope that you make more.
5:49 pm | May 5, 2002
Nice job man, as always.