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Comments for 'Operation False Prophets, Chapter Eleven: They're Everywhere!'

11:24 pm | February 18, 2004
Ian, great story.
11:23 pm | February 18, 2004
u guys r like, cool. I didnt know anyone was as obsessed with halo as i am.
9:00 pm | May 5, 2002
thank you this is exactly what "we" halo fans need great stuff
5:11 pm | May 4, 2002
Great series man, definately my all time favorite. Keep writing the chapters or we'll all go insane!
9:59 am | May 3, 2002
I'm intrested Ryan. oh and PanZer, you have a great storyline going here, keep at it.
3:03 am | May 2, 2002
Read, and a reply comment made. :) Thanks. Another thing, would you be interested in joining my little (and growing) group of writers who are interested in making a novel about Halo the game? Well, e-mail me for a better explaination, or watch HBO's news.
2:49 am | May 2, 2002
ah hush, I wrote a nice long thing on yours, go read it :)
2:27 am | May 2, 2002
Again, no one even calls mine shit! Argh! (Sorry for bitching, Panzer)
2:02 am | May 2, 2002
Thanks Shadow. Unfortunately, I've only read a dozen fan fictions or so, I barely have enough time to write them, let alone read others, but in the future I'm going to try to read other people's work and return the favor. Thanks again.
1:21 am | May 2, 2002
Hey man...maybe you know me from making the Renegade Marines fanfic series. Well, it's come to an abrubt stop, and now I have time to comments on other people's works. And, I have to say, yours has always been my favorite series, it beat out my series so much. It's great man...keep it up.
9:59 pm | May 1, 2002
I love how people comment for other stories... and never my series! Hell, if you hate it and think I should start a new series, then tell me and get it over with. Oh, yeah, nice story there Ian.
7:19 pm | May 1, 2002
Getting real good. Keep writing.