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Comments for 'Broken Promise'

11:08 pm | November 9, 2003
frickin awesome man
far superior to my own
i bow before you
Alpha Lance
9:00 pm | November 8, 2003
Thanks. And I put brake instead off break. I got the two mix up. I also surprise that Walker didn't nothice it.
1:56 pm | November 8, 2003
Alpha Lance, bravo! I agree with you; it is your best yet, although you used the wrong 'break' in one of the lines, but no big deal. I caught your drift. Excellent work, man.
9:00 am | November 8, 2003
Sounds powerful and effective, good in that sense.
Alpha Lance
4:14 am | November 8, 2003
Thank you. And just so everyone knows, I will write the last chapters and submit them all at once. And I want them to be big and great chapter. So it will be a while.
2:35 am | November 8, 2003
It's all been said. I loved it.

Semper Fi

Alpha Lance
1:23 am | November 8, 2003
Well, I said, this is the best one from me. I think this is the best one, FROM ME. Thank you all.
Alpha Lance
1:23 am | November 8, 2003
Oh yeah I forgot. The HBO code doesn't work on the comment column. It only work on the news and stories.
1:07 am | November 8, 2003
aaah! itz not working! oh well u know what word i wanted 2 highlight
1:05 am | November 8, 2003
[b]people[b/] **
1:02 am | November 8, 2003
Now this was good, but i think you should let the [b]people[/b] decide whether it is your best yet. I also think you can be up yourself in that way, just be careful when u say things. 9/10
9:26 pm | November 7, 2003
Really fucking good. You were right, this was your best ever. Keep this grade of material up.
Alpha Lance
8:33 pm | November 7, 2003
Thanks man!
Sergeant B
8:28 pm | November 7, 2003
I love it, I love it, I love it!! Awesome Alpha Lance. This was terrific. And everyone don't forget to check my poem and song too.
Alpha Lance
6:31 pm | November 7, 2003
Hope y'all like it. And join Sergeant B's chapter at the 7th Column, the Raider's Company.