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3:15 am | November 12, 2003
Yeah? Im with Nemesis on this one...You guys are being a little to harsh to Alpha, and each and everything he said about each of you guys that were saying shit about Alpha. God, how would you like it if you wrote something, then everyone tears it up and just spits on it like you never wrote it and it took little time to write it. It was a good try anyway. So please, if you dont write fan fics, and say this one sucks or any other one sucks, lets see you write? Okay?
10:48 pm | November 7, 2003
why must people be so harsh? geez, it may have been bad, but you don't have to go and try to insult Alpha, which you didn't. Like Walker said, Alpha has his funny moments. This wasn't bad, just try to avoid the whole immature names or whatever you wanna call it

scope, Alpha's right, you don't write any stories, so it doesn't make much sense in you telling Alpha to stop writing stories, when you have nothing to compare it with (referring to your lack of story writing)

7grunts7_hut7, first of all, get a better display name, that's too hard to type out. second of all, good writers like geran, dispraiser, wado, walker and even me have stories over 232 pages long okay? so don't try and act like your number one, cuzz you have a 232 page story, you aren't number one here...and if you have written stories, where are they?

riot, you're just a rookie

there, i've said my piece
3:26 am | November 7, 2003
1:56 am | November 7, 2003
Alpha Lance
7:48 am | November 6, 2003
I'll think about it...
Da Mann
4:50 pm | November 5, 2003
This sounded a lot like the "Boys to Men" series. But a very twisted version. (Try an Elite's autobiography.)
Steve Ollett
3:56 pm | November 5, 2003
What drugs were you on when you wrote that 'piece'?
2:10 pm | November 5, 2003
Sorry for the grammatical errors in my previous post. I was typing really fast and i didn't have very long to type.
2:01 pm | November 5, 2003
I write Halo stories all the time. The one i just finished is 232 pages long and the one i am working on now is already 156 pages long. Every time i am done writing for the day i go through spell check, and at the end of the week I read through what i have done and i ask myself these questions:
1. Does catch peoples eye?
2. Is it proper for the story line of Halo?
3. Does it get boring?
4. Does it make sense? (See question 2)

And i have many other questions. But still, i dont mean to be offensive, but it isn't funny when you start messing up a perfectly good story. I'd like to see more about Grunts because i like to kill them and listen to their comical statements on Halo.
2:44 am | November 5, 2003
You spelled stupid wrong...
11:05 pm | November 4, 2003
Funny, a Grunt killing masterchief (lol). Hey, I've seen it happen in legendary.
10:48 pm | November 4, 2003
haha.. i love reading alpha's stories. and not because they're good.
10:30 pm | November 4, 2003
Let's say this: Alpha gets a few laughs because he's a good writer, but he's comdey-challenged. He writes good stuff. No one should be told never to write again.

Semper Fi

Alpha Lance
9:40 pm | November 4, 2003
Every heard of comedy. I actually gout the chockondick from south park. Now it is time to defend. I don't see you writing scope. And you left for a while and just came back to insult me. DUDE, you don't even have a real name, you can't spell, and you only come to insult me. 7Grunt7, I have never seen you before. Something fishy is going on here. But really, Iím a serous writer; if you donít believe me, just look at some of my work of art. And I know it is crap, it in the title.
Alpha Lance
9:40 pm | November 4, 2003
Oh yes, Halo Trilogy is going to end soon. Then the second series of Halo Trilogy will start. Just for the people who cares.
9:11 pm | November 4, 2003
Zamameeothastopdchokeondick ???? Chokeondick????? Sacktap? C'mon, be mature next time you write. That is a big turn off to those who like to read stories about Halo/Halo 2.
8:26 pm | November 4, 2003
8:24 pm | November 4, 2003
6/10 Plz dont ever write again
7:25 pm | November 4, 2003