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Comments for 'Brave Jumpers of the Skies'

12:25 am | October 19, 2003
Alpha Lance
5:42 pm | October 18, 2003
Hey, I can play the Trumpet and Cornet. Thanks Hawk.
9:12 am | October 18, 2003
I meant Cornet . . .
9:09 am | October 18, 2003
Does anyone else hear a Bugle playing softly in the background while reading this?
9:07 am | October 18, 2003
I never understand why people comment as 'Anonymous'. It's not that hard to think up a name. I've had this one for six years.
9:11 pm | October 17, 2003
Pretty good, although, you need to work on some of your words.

A little repetitive when you end two or three lines on Helljumper or two of the same words. BUt overall good.
8:22 pm | October 17, 2003
good 10/10
Javier fernandez-vina
8:02 pm | October 17, 2003
I love the ODST, they're the best.And now i leave you with this.
"John could tell they were special forces-Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.The ODSTs had the traditional tattoos burned into their arms:drop jet jumpers and feet firsts into hell."
kudos to the famed 105 helljumpers, and Alpha Lance.
Alpha Lance
7:59 pm | October 17, 2003
Heh...never thought of it Walker. But that would have been a nice ending. Thank you all.
7:06 pm | October 17, 2003
very good
i liked the helljumpers
theyre pimp
1:57 pm | October 17, 2003
i agree with Mr. Walker 9/10
11:31 am | October 17, 2003
Very good, but it should have ended with "Feet First Into Hell".