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Comments for 'Have Faith (Recreated/ corrected mistakes)'

Alpha Lance
12:16 am | October 5, 2003
Thanks Monitor, and also, the longest fic written on this site is about 9106 words long. It's called "Slow TO Perfection" by Corey Lyon. It was posted on the 15 of April, 2003. There was some mistakes in is story. So, thank you Monitor for tellin me that, it is a great reading series. So check it out.
9:25 pm | October 3, 2003
Sweet poem!
Alpha Lance
7:46 pm | October 3, 2003
Well thanks everyone, and Sergant B can insault poeple better than riot. Crash, no big deal, beside, I know my spelling sucks, LoL.
1:39 am | October 3, 2003
haha, maybe i should start getting involved in these guyz shinanagins. i thought it was a gr8 poem by the way alpha lance, hehe maybez i was a bit harsh on the other mispelt one. 9/10
10:17 pm | October 2, 2003
I stick my head back in and what do I see but the same old stuff:

-Alpha Lance getting bashed for no reason by someone anonymous

-Sergeant B wildly cursing (always funny though)

-and Walker and Mainevent conducting the intelligent conversation

Well, from what I remember about Einstein's Theory of Relativity and all the scientific speculation following that, faster-than-light travel is possible. Unfortunately, it would take a power source that we can't use with any stability. Also, As you approach the speed of light, you would actually shrink, and when you passed the speed of light, theoritically, you would travel back in time. That is an interesting idea.

This is all theory, of course. I think the physical stress of traveling that fast would probably kill you, or it would take so long to build up that speed without being crushed by inertia that you would die from starvation/boredom/old age?

Anyway, it's all a great concept and I'm sure that it will be possible far sooner than we imagine possible, as most scientific feats are. (Popular Mechanics wrote that heavier-than-air flight would take from 1 to 10 million years, and less than two years later we had the first airplane.)

Sorry, not quite 5,000 words, but close.
Sergeant B
6:30 pm | October 2, 2003
Hey Riot! Put your damn ass somewhere else. You just looked like me when I just started bullshit boy! But you don't use these cool words like ass fuck bitch.................
Riot is a fuckin bastard son of a bitch jackass!!
11:42 am | October 2, 2003
Those who chastise are those who feel they can do better than those who do. But no one ever knows because the people who chastise never do anything, but chastise.

AND that leads me to my second point. I want a 5,000 word essay about Time Travel as it relates to the Time-Space Continuom, and if it would be possible to enact a faster-than-light system.
1:14 am | October 2, 2003
i havent read many poems better then this. im not into ratings... but i liked it.

also just wanted to say thankx for readin my stuff. i always look for an Alpha Lance comment after psoting one.

keep up the good work!
12:56 am | October 2, 2003
Hmmm... don't know much about the subject. I have read some about the Theory of Relativity, mostly from Card's books, like how two years aboard a craft traveling at lightspeed is like sixty years outside the ship. And also a bit on how you wouldn't have to wait years to hear the outcome of a battle that happened long ago because of instantaneous, faster-than-light communication from one end of the universe to another. If that could be invented. I know some about black and white holes, and wormholes, but that is way too complicated. I think I'll just stick to Halo for now... c'mon, Xbox for Christmas!

Life without Halo is depressing.

Semper Fi

9:02 pm | October 1, 2003
Just ignore riot; he's decided that anything that bears the name "Alpha Lance" must be stupid before he even reads it. He probably reads your stories looking for nothing but typos. As for tje 10/10, you deserved it. This was an awesome poem.

Semper Fi

Alpha Lance
7:42 pm | October 1, 2003
Riot, I would like to see you write a story good as mine, and I would like to see you even attempt to write a poem. It also ryhms, and wow. Walker, that is the highest score you every gave me.
12:54 pm | October 1, 2003
even though you finally spelled 'faith' right, it's still not a good poem. it's got no substance and it's got no rhythm. your stories are bad, but your poems are worse.
1:06 am | October 1, 2003
Cha-ching: 10/10.