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Comments for 'The Flood'

11:51 am | September 24, 2003
I wonder about me sometimes too...
11:49 am | September 24, 2003
jamirus99, since when do poems have to rhyme?
Vi3tl3l3oi 023(Return of CPT CRAPPER)
3:43 am | September 23, 2003
people should start freestyling about the flood... newayz nice poem.
12:52 am | September 23, 2003
Good Poem Alpha, keep up the work.
Sergeant B
12:45 am | September 23, 2003
Yeah Alpha Lance. Where have you been. Ya haven't been writing stories lately(I know, I haven't either but I'm working on it.)
Those jackasses anomynous and riot, they really don't know how to comment on things. Almost looks like me..................................
12:43 am | September 23, 2003
Alpha, you put up with a lot of crap from other people that don't have the balls to tell us their real name. I have to applaud you for writing despite all these idiots.
10:15 pm | September 22, 2003
Nice poem!
The Scribe
9:56 pm | September 22, 2003
Good one Alpha Lance. And I've got another story coming. Sorry for the wait. School's been in the way a lot! Grrr.

Riot, screw ya.
Alpha Lance
9:12 pm | September 22, 2003
Thanks everyone except riot @ Anonymous, and remember, I wrote this like along time ago.

And plus, Wu didn't post my third peom, 'Forerunner'. :'{'''''''''''
8:20 pm | September 22, 2003
Wiley, I wonder about you. The poem has no pattern to it at all (ie. ABAB, or AABB, or ABBA)...this poem is, in fact, useless. Refer to Nike's poems for real poetry.
7:41 pm | September 22, 2003
6:50 pm | September 22, 2003
o god riot you are retarted, good pome A_L 10/10
5:45 pm | September 22, 2003
Oh God, another usless, waste-of-time comment from Riot.
3:18 pm | September 22, 2003
oh god.. another useless, waste-of-time poem from alpha lance..
12:30 pm | September 22, 2003
Yay!!!!! Power's back on!!!!!!!!
Sergeant B
9:50 am | September 22, 2003
Good man.