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Alpha Lance
10:39 pm | September 20, 2003
Good news, a new poem has been post, it's called Alost Spartan Name Shadow.
11:35 am | September 19, 2003
No, I'm a fourteen-year-old gunning for Annapolis. Where does it say you have to be in the Marines to say "Semper Fi"? It doesn't. So stop complaining about every little thing. It just makes people mad.

Alpha's cool; You're not.

Semper Fi

8:53 pm | September 18, 2003
Alpha Lance
8:04 pm | September 18, 2003
Anonymous, if you don't like them, then stop posting here. And the peom is about the Covenant. It's like this,

A heart of blackness, meaning, (THEY ARE PREATTY MUCH EVIL.)

Vow to destroy life's very essence, (to kill everthing and anything.)

A mortal enemy that holds the card of death, (they have our number, that's what that mean.)

Living without remorse, (they don't care, they never forgive their sins.)

Seeking the blood of innocent, (the Covies are killing the humans for no reason.)

These beasts are the mentise, (this means that the Covenant are like roaches.)

They have stolen the life of existence, ( this means that they've have kill many people, stolen their life.)

They are the real doomsday, (they destroy all.)

Their metallic armor shimmers through battle, (talks about the battles they are in.)

Bolts of pain hit the defenders, (plasma shots hit the humans/defenders.)

Their mighty fists of evil pounds down on Earth, (talks about the Covenant attacking earth, you should have know that.)

A war has begun, (Hmm, lets see, that's simple, A WAR HAS BEGUN.)

Their anger boils within them, (their anger for the humans.)

The murders have begun, (Murdering the HUMANS.)

Their cruisers travel from the far ends of space, (duh, they came from a different planet.)

And the Prophets called for the pain, (the Prophets started or declare war against Earth.)

And for what, (well, I think you know what this means.)

To kill what they hate, (to kill the humans, they hate them.)

They are the Covenant, (I'm telling who they are.)
It's preatty simple, you should have know the meaning of this peom. And that is the concept of this peom. Your not very bright, if you didn't know the concept of this peom. So don't read my peoms if you don't like them, I' not forcing you. And the reason I writtin this peom, because it is something I enjoy. And I don't see you writting any peom/stories. You don't even have a name. And thank you all who supported me.
1:39 pm | September 18, 2003
hey walker- are you even in the marines?
and alpha lance- poems have to have correct grammar too, not just stories. they also should be about something.. your poem is the same at the beginning and end. there's no real purpose. there's no messages, themes, or resolution that the reader can take from it. why did you even write this?
11:13 am | September 18, 2003
Hey, I thought TheRambler was the poem king!
1:19 am | September 18, 2003
I'll correct what I see.

[b]The Covenant[/b]

Many races with a heart of blackness
Vow to destroy life's very essence
A mortal enemy that holds the card of death

Living without remorse

Seeking the blood of innocent
These beasts are the menace
They have stolen the life of existence

They are the real doomsday

Their metallic armor shimmers through battle
Bolts of pain hit the defenders
Their mighty fists of evil pounds down on Earth

A war has begun

Their anger boils within them
The murders have begun
Their cruisers travel from the far ends of space
And the Prophets called for the pain

And for what
To kill what they hate
They are the Covenant
Alpha Lance
10:24 pm | September 17, 2003
Alright who ever you are, this is a peom, not a story.
9:54 pm | September 17, 2003
He knows enough to know when he'd made mistakes. Get off of his back. I've never seen you write anything.
8:54 pm | September 17, 2003
there's a lot more errors than three alpha lance.. you change tenses constantly; don't you know anything about writing or grammar?
8:04 pm | September 17, 2003
This was some pretty good stuff, Alpha. Any more like this and you will be the Poem King of HBO. I hope to see you with that title.

Semper Fi

Alpha Lance
11:31 am | September 17, 2003
Lol, oh I mean duuudddeeee.
11:27 am | September 17, 2003
Holy Hell, Me and ALpha posted really close to eachother! =0
11:26 am | September 17, 2003
Me likes! =)

Alpha Lance
11:22 am | September 17, 2003
I still do hornet, I might not send peoms but I will send stories.

And I look back at my peom and found three errors

1st. Amour, instead of amore
2nd. They've instead of they
3rd. Far instead of for

Sorry about them errors, and thank you all.
11:20 am | September 17, 2003
hey alpha, if you still want me to edit your stories you can email them to me.
11:09 am | September 17, 2003
I thought it was pretty good.
1:05 am | September 17, 2003
i liked it. pretty damn cool. thankx for the comments on my stories, too.

like i said, cool poem. can't wait for more.
Alpha Lance
9:47 pm | September 16, 2003
I meant espeact, sorry.
Alpha Lance
8:31 pm | September 16, 2003
I'm the first peom writer to make it to the 5th mark. See for yourself, except more from in the future, and thanks Wiley.
8:04 pm | September 16, 2003
Alpha Lance
7:55 pm | September 16, 2003
Yeah, I would just like to thank all of these people so far,

and I guess Ishkabibbl

But, as for riot, I think you should have stayed off this site. And I remember you from J-117 column. And all you did was insault him. I don't think should be here, if you not going to respeact other people hard work.

Gruntkiller- I think you should go for it. And remember, peotry is about what your're feelings, so write what you feel, write whatever you. And stay away from riot. And also, don't insault him back, show your maturity, and keep your cool. It shows that you class.

-Alpha Lance
7:03 pm | September 16, 2003
ya it was good
6:07 pm | September 16, 2003
I actually thought this was your best poem yet. Keep trucking.
5:06 pm | September 16, 2003
it was pretty good your best poem so far, im thinking i might try my hand at a poem or two in the near future.
3:21 pm | September 16, 2003
alpha lance- "poetry isn't really my strong point."

that's much is clear.. hahah
1:33 pm | September 16, 2003
poem lol