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my head is gone
8:20 pm | May 15, 2004
i have one thing to say about this poem. Why Bother. ( for all u stupid people out there that means i hated it)
8:42 pm | October 27, 2003
lance, the only thing common to all poems is rhythm. your poems have none, abstract or no. i agree with the posts, put more effort into what you submit. also, parallel structure in repeated lines does not make a poem. lastly: 'sentinel'
5:24 pm | September 7, 2003
which did NOT happen with any of Alpha's stories.
2:42 am | September 7, 2003
plus poetry in itself is almost completely seperate from writing a story. you can't compare the two. so, as far as giving 10/10s all the time, i don't beleive i've ever done that to someone who sucked or had numerous grammar mistakes too obvious to ignore, i.e., Alpha's series. just thought I'd make it clear that most of my reviews are based on my real opinions, and if they are biased because of friendships with the author those friendships are only going to earn them an extra point or two.
2:40 am | September 7, 2003
Americans OVERNICE? C'mon, give us a little more credit than that.
11:40 am | September 5, 2003
Well thought out.

Now that this has been cleared, I can't really say we're inclined to be nice, but as humans respect for others is a natural quality we have, and not for Americans in general. I, too, am an American, and I see many people who are not nice whatsoever. Tragically speaking, most of them are elderly people...

Why Bother Ode Author
3:57 am | September 4, 2003
Well I'm glad to see everything has calmed down. To Jinkaiden-XI, that was a very well thought reasonable reply. I am an American, something I forgot to add when I was posting my second message. I was merely saying that we as Americans are naturally inclined to say nice things about others to save hurt feelings.

This is not really my own arguement, but rather borrowed from no less a literary genuis than Mr. Mark Twain himself. In Following the Equator, (a 700 page epic) Twain describes a scene where he is in India and is doubtful about hiring a servant because while all his recommendations have been good, they have also all come from Americans.

Now this does NOT mean I want to see 4/10 or 5/10. Young writers deserve support. We've all been there. I was trying to say that the overinflated rating of 10/10 is used to much. A 9/10 or 9.5/10 I believe still reflects the fact that the story was good, and it also makes getting a 10/10 so much more meaningful.
Alpha Lance
10:33 pm | September 3, 2003
Thank you all for your kindness and respect. And I will always take up for y'all guys. Thank you.

Alpha Lance
Creator of Halo Trilogy©
8:09 pm | September 3, 2003
Why Bother: Glad you finally explained your cause.

Also, we do not represent the total of the American population. To say that Americans tend to be too nice so not to hurt someone's feelings would be a bit of a misunderstanding. We may give ratings that were not deserved, but that may depend on our own opinion of the story. The last piece I rated (I will not mention what it was, in respect for the author) used chatroom lingo and had no continuation or general flow for that matter. Your point about no motivation is a good one, but people will still give higher-than-earned ratings. Also, when a piece of junk comes along, I see LostRock, Berconius, Agent Shade, almost everybody trying to give support and tips for improvement. Giving low ratings all the time will eventually cause this section to begin crumbling. Most of the newest authors here are not even out of high school yet, so they cannot necessarily take everything a modern day critic has to offer for their work.

By the way, my 'I will not mention the story title in respect for the author' is not out of overkindness, but it's more of a humane thing to do. I will not target an aspiring writer for their starting mistakes.

We are not against you; people that seem to misunderstand why we do things this way come along every once in a while.

7:39 pm | September 3, 2003
6:54 pm | September 3, 2003
I think you all need to CTFO.........chill the fuck out. Halo is a video game, not a way of life. I love playing Halo. Back to basics ya B I T C H E S
4:57 pm | September 3, 2003
good not great but still good
Why Bother Ode: Author
2:58 pm | September 3, 2003
It seems the forum is against me. I must apologize, I went to far in my last post, I was just venting frustration and Alpha Lance was the one who caught it. BUT, there is a couple of things I would like everyone to do in the future.

FIRST: No spamming of everyone's post with comments that don't benifit the community. Alpha Lance, I targeted you because you went through each post showing off your copyright symbol.

SECOND: Stop with the 10/10 for every half decent story. Americans have a problem of being overnice and not wanting to hurt someones feelings, so they exaggerate their compliments. Also, If I know I can write so-so crap and still get 10/10, where's my motivation to improve. Instead, write a beneficial comment.

THIRD: Don't go to each post begging the community to read your story. If its been two days and you've got no post, or you genuinely want someone's opinion on a story, kindly go to their comment section and ask them and them alone. Don't spam everyone.

Alright. I think I've made my points clear. Alpha Lance, I had no right bashing you as much as I did. If I don't want to read your stuff, I don't have to click on it. For the rest of this forum. I realize a little of my demands seem hypocritical in light of my recent actions, and I'm sorry. I hope this clears up any bad feelings.

So don't continue this 'lets find and kill Why Bother Ode Author' because this is an alter ego I never plan on using again.

Take care and God Bless.
11:29 am | September 3, 2003
You know, how about we settle for the fact that Alpha Lance here is a tribute to this site and whether or not someone is at Wado's level does NOT determine their greatness.

Dispraiser, funny, Lol.

Alpha Lance, another great poem. Congrats.

Spontaneous-Spammer, please. Nice comment-stuff, but I hate it when people degrade others. I don't care who you are, but it doesn't matter. Please, don't do this sort of thing. I pray that nobody does.
5:04 am | September 3, 2003
2:35 am | September 3, 2003
At first I thought it was crap, but then I let it sink in and thought about it and decided it was pretty good. It's not your best in terms of how it sounds, but that's hard to do in free verse. In terms of writing it was excellent, as good as a poem about a video game can get. 10/10.

Also, Why Bother: An ode to uselessness is a complete fool if he can't see the art that Alpha has taken the time to express. Some people just don't have culture.

If anyone ever insults you, Alpha, I'll be there at your defense.

Semper Fi

12:34 am | September 3, 2003
erm...well, not your best stuff, but its okay.
Why bother: an ode to uselessness author
10:10 pm | September 2, 2003
i am merely illustrating a point ive already made in another of your post. FOCUS ON QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. you are NOT near Wados level. if that were the case i would be begging for more stories. like ive said before, you show potential but your refusal to put hard work into a piece shows your still a newbie, making a classic newbie mistake. my sarcastic poem was better than your serious one. probably had more time invested into also. Oh, and do us all a favor and cut out the annoying

Alpha Lance followed by a copyright sign.

its just bad spamming in disguise
Alpha Lance
9:05 pm | September 2, 2003
Peoms don't have to rhythmm all the time. So F you the guy that stole my title. And use contructive critism.
Covie Killer
9:05 pm | September 2, 2003
That was. 9.5/10. And he can write whatever he wants to. And also use constuctive critism.
7:37 pm | September 2, 2003
Wow, that was a really creative comment actually... Normally when someone hates a fanfic they just go


It seems like smarter people are reading your poems...
Why Bother: An ode to uselessness
6:32 pm | September 2, 2003
Why Bother to keep writing this stuff
It doesn't rhythm and is mostly just fluff

Why bother to needlessly fill up our post
We emphasize quality, not who writes the most.