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Comments for 'Grunts & Spartans'

Alpha Lance
12:23 am | September 3, 2003
Yeah well I'm new at peoms.

Alpha Lance
Creator of Halo Trilogy©
The eye
2:22 am | September 2, 2003
The stories are good. As for the poems, a little work on the rhythym and they would be great.
Nice, I like it.
10:53 pm | September 1, 2003
Covie Killer
10:14 pm | September 1, 2003
10:14 pm | September 1, 2003
Alpha Lance
7:32 pm | September 1, 2003
For given. And besides, my freinds really likes
my storys. And I print the storys out for them to
read. And as for dude. Dude you really never score
my fanfics. And what do you think about my storys
Watchful eye?
7:32 pm | September 1, 2003
Alpha Lance: creator of Halo Trilogy©
7:32 pm | September 1, 2003
Look at this!

Alpha Lance: creator of Halo Trilogy©

the ever watchful eye
6:30 pm | September 1, 2003
just protecting everyone from false post. I didn't implicate you becuz i couldn't prove you did it, i just noted something suspicious. My apologies.
5:29 pm | September 1, 2003
Learn how to spell.
Alpha Lance
3:34 pm | September 1, 2003
The Great one and Gold Elite are both my best freinds. And this is there first time on this site. The Great one isn't really into halo and
my buddy Gold Elite plays alittle of halo. And
the reason there is a ten min time span between
each other. Is that we were talkin on the 3 way
phone and I told them to cheack out at least one
of my wriiting. And they hung up and got on the
net. And as for Covie Killer, I don't know him.
And he has been on this site for a long time. And
why do you care about my sociele life.
1:10 pm | September 1, 2003
better tehn your other poem, pretty entertaining. you should definitly write more
The ever watchful eye
2:24 am | September 1, 2003
It seems that someone really liked this story or wants to make someone else feel good. If you check the times, Covie Killer, Gold Elite, and The Great One all posted 10/10 for the story,and all within a ten minute span. Seeing how these personalities are never seen else where, even the most simple-minded reader would realize that they are all the same person. Really, aren't we all better than that.
Alpha Lance
2:24 am | September 1, 2003
Thanxs everyone. And my Chapter II part 2 was
submitted. And look for my new peom called
Why Bother. =^)
9:25 pm | August 31, 2003
The Great One
7:12 pm | August 31, 2003
Gold Elite
7:06 pm | August 31, 2003
Very great, 10/10.
Covie Killer
7:03 pm | August 31, 2003
Beatyful, and your score is 10/10
Alpha Lance
5:20 pm | August 31, 2003
Thanks pooman & Walker. I got alot more peoms to.

Fun Fact: I spelled 'hug'-'huge'.
5:11 pm | August 31, 2003
i take back what i said on the Wasted review column, this was really good! 9.75/10
5:02 pm | August 31, 2003