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Comments for 'Covenant Theater: Part 2 - Restless Nightmares, Endless Conflicts'

10:09 pm | January 31, 2003
One word: WOW
12:40 pm | January 20, 2003
Excellent. You really seemed to get into the grove with your writing. Keep it up.
Alex Ross
12:22 pm | January 20, 2003
Thanks for all the comments man. About the hood elites: that's just a little indirect humor I always throw in my stories, despite the dramatic plot. Besides imagine an elite sayin that. It sounds pretty cool. lol
Traumatised Marine
11:35 am | January 19, 2003
That was BEAUTIFUL! The description of the Covenant architecture, with the gravity manipulated pillars of water, I could really picture it, outstanding.

I also liked the comment about "playful Grunts" inquisitivly trying to poke at the pillars, a great contrast to the general perception of Covies.

It also adds insult to injury that as the Covies wipe out humanity on a grudge, other inter-galactic empire don't get involved, unapposed to a whole race's destruction. (Despite the Phors' concern that the Covenant may start on someone else when finished.)

And the bit with the Gold Elite sticking the assasin's face in that inch-deep pool of lamp plasma? Owch! The description really made me squirm in empathatic (is that a word?) pain.

One problem: Do you really think religious Covies would curse like human beings? "Don't pity me bitch!" Come on, is he from space or the hood?