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Comments for 'Covenant Theater: Part I-Betrayals'

Alex Ross
3:08 am | January 17, 2003
Thanks for the comments, it's been a long time since I've written Halo fan fiction. I just emailed the 2nd installment to Louis, so anyday now...
Traumatised Marine
8:44 pm | January 16, 2003
The story is very well written and it demonstrates your opinion of the Covenant's interactions amongst each other and views on their motives well.
The idea of there being other advanced alien races, despite being a bit Star Trek, puts the idea that the war on humanity is a race-personal grudge in a real perspective.
Good ideas and well written.
And what's this?
'Themes Discovered,' what like morals?
Ooooooh! Very swish!
3:56 am | January 16, 2003
this is a very good start, i like the different plot and angle, and hope that u will continue
5:41 am | January 15, 2003
Thanks for the clarification, good luck on the next one.
Alex Ross
8:55 pm | January 14, 2003
Forgot to put my name...sheez
8:53 pm | January 14, 2003
Thanks for the opinion. Let me take the time to clarify a couple things then. First of all the phfor have a reputation for the capture of slaves. The covenant assume that the action againt Golden Arrow was carried out because of greed. What if there's another motive, a hidden motive that will unfold? Keep that in mind...I don't wanna say too much. Basically you are questioning the motive in the same way how we wonder why covies attack humans. We really don't know...yet.

As for the epilepsy, there are two major types of seizures, grand mal and petite mal. It is probably correct to assume that a blow the hunter sustained would cause a brief yet powerful seizure in the brain's last attempt to continue its existence.

Just thought I'd throw that in the open, and yes this series will continue.
7:30 pm | January 14, 2003
Not too bad. Good job with the interactions and the action was done nicely too.

I'm a bit biased though, I had trouble relating any amount of greed to justify attacking a battle ready Covenant cruiser for the purpose of gathering slaves. Don't the Covenant have remote areas and freighters that might make better slave targets. Of course if the slaves are for fighting in a war or for reproduction, maybe then the only acceptable slaves would be Covenant battle hardened forces.

I also wasn't sure about the grand mal seizure reference for gaining conscousness, I don't know but it might have been better to just say the hunter shook on the ground or fell into a seizure rather than use terms associated with epilepsy.

Anyway, now that the story has unfolded, I'm looking forward to reading more. A rescue attempt and impending galatic war are a great setting for more story-telling. Keep up the writing and don't let what I say discourage you, I am just voicing an opinion.