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Comments for 'Aftermath Part 4'

Louis Wu
11:24 am | April 17, 2002
I formatted it as closely as possible to the original. Here's a screenshot of that area of the word doc you sent:offending paragraph (32k)I'm always happy to fix mistakes I make... but as far as I can tell, I didn't make one here.
Alex Cross
3:32 pm | April 16, 2002
Wu, thanks for letting me know
1:35 am | April 15, 2002
Alex Cross
3:48 pm | April 14, 2002
The part where it says "Forgive me Lord Junata", it is part of Muteka's part.There is a space between that and Muteka's despair that shouldn't belong there. But I made this story in Microsoft Word. Go figure.
2:53 pm | April 14, 2002
Dang that was good, thats one of the best i read today