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Comments for 'Aftermath Part 3'

Dr. Le Quack
4:10 pm | April 6, 2002
you like your stories graphic, fine by me.
2:04 pm | April 4, 2002
what dave said:2 sides, classic duel. and part 4.have you been busy or in high school or someting.[i always think fanfic submitters are in high school.]
7:46 am | April 4, 2002
I like how you give a perspective on both the covenant and human sides of the battle. It almost gives a feeling of 2 protaganists, from the MC to Omnitus (or whatever his name was)and back agian. And now the're both gonna duel it out!!!! I also like how you make this elite honarable and not just another mindless shooting warlike elite.
2:15 am | April 4, 2002
Classic style, the duel is a nice touch, keep it up.
10:01 pm | April 2, 2002
i need part 4!!!! it's awesome!!!!! it's also gory,too.
6:07 am | April 2, 2002
this and "Operation False Prophets" are the 2 main storys im keeping up w, keep em coming ;)
1:48 am | April 2, 2002
AWESOME STORY!!!!!!!!I can't wait for the battle between MC and whats his name elite dude. please hurry, suspense making brain explode...