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Comments for 'Saving Fifth Street'

Spartan III
3:53 am | December 2, 2003
That was good...no great! People get so caught up thinking what the heroes will do in their stories, instead of showing the civilians who I know we will see fighting in Halo 2.

Great job man. Two thumbs up!
5:28 pm | November 30, 2003
I gave this one too little praise. Know now with all certainty that I firmly beleive this piece to be the best short fic I've ever read. And I've read a lot of good ones.

Semper Fi

2:30 pm | November 30, 2003
Good stuff. I'm assuming you know that, unless loaded with special slugs, shotguns shoot shot. Not bullets. But you probably know that, and he loaded his shotgun with slugs. Anyway... good job. Welcome to HBO.

Semper Fi

12:04 pm | November 30, 2003
Nice bloody battles, nothing needed to improve(the whole story I mean).
Chechen fighter
8:01 pm | November 29, 2003
Good work I liked it alot. keep it coming. May be next time they'll set up some bear traps for the elites to step on "Ouch" that would hurt like a bitch :o)