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Comments for 'The Seventh Battalion: Prologue'

Silent Hunter
5:03 pm | January 4, 2004
Loved it!
1:02 am | January 4, 2004
That's what I figured, but I was just trying to make sure. I mean, there's not that many different Elite names to chose from.
11:53 pm | January 3, 2004
Hey sorry I honestly didn't mean to take Elite names from any other story. I haven't even read your story, Walker. I just made the name up.

For everybody else, thanks a lot. Next chapter should be coming soon, hopefully.
11:28 pm | January 3, 2004
You copied the name of the defector Elite from my story... 'Kantamee.
10:36 pm | January 3, 2004

Damn this story was so good I cant string words together for it.

Blue Dude
6:27 pm | January 3, 2004
Loved it wonderful
Inept Zombie
5:21 pm | January 3, 2004
This story is so awesome! You did a very good job of portraying Covenant hostility.
Keep writing.
3:42 pm | January 3, 2004
Wow! Nothing, nothing to complain about. Words aren't good enough for describing this story.