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Comments for 'The covenant'

8:05 pm | February 2, 2003
I like it, man that was funny.
10:39 am | May 16, 2002
GGGGGGGODDDDDDDD!!!!!! This is awfull poor writting.GOD, I think you should give your stories more time, not just 25 min like you did in your Marine story. I thinl you can write better. But one more thing, a story isnęt better just because you write twentyfive bilions FUCK words. Sorry, but the writer is still inside you I hope.
11:47 am | May 13, 2002
that sucked what are you writing for get a life
3:23 am | May 10, 2002
In the words of 343 Guilty Spark,"I'm shocked. Almost to shocked for words."
4:39 pm | May 9, 2002
Louis seems to be against setting standards for his writing; he refers to it as sensorship. HAVING STANDARDS IS NOT SENSORSHIP. THIS IS CRAP, REMOVE IT.
1:39 am | May 9, 2002
Geez, im speechless. Don't say F*CKING that much it sounds like my school. WORK ON YOUR GRAMMER and get some ideas. GOD
9:05 pm | May 8, 2002
Lol, what the hell? What is this sh*t?! You have no talent whatsoever, AND its not funny. Do us a favor and go get hit by a semi or sumthin. Louis, get rid of this....
1:57 pm | May 8, 2002
That is.... by far...the most revolting, rude, disturbing, and ridiculas thing Louis has ever posted! I am disgusted to see such poor writing with such tasteless use of language on this site. Maybe I don't have much of a leg to stand on here, but god damnit, draw the line of quality somewhere!
10:37 am | May 8, 2002
Is this suppose to be poetry?I can't tell. This does not even compare to some of the poetry we have here on this site.
10:37 am | May 8, 2002
HOnestly did you need to swear that many times. When in Halo do you here a guy screem out fuck.