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Comments for 'Halo: Axis: Introduction'

12:12 pm | June 22, 2004
Meh... This was more of a little test anyway. I got an idea for a story in my head, and I had to type something. So blah.
MC's Cousin
6:32 pm | June 15, 2004
Well, people like Helljumper don't really need to be nice. Someone has to put forth their uncensored honest opinions.
Besides, just look at him name. ODSTs aren't known for their kindness or "niceness".

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343 Salty Beans
6:27 pm | June 15, 2004
You know, Helljumper, you aren't very nice.

You didn't even like my story, and NK likes it (although he may be too nice to just say 'f you').

Just wanted to pointed that out. Yeah. And stuff.

11:40 am | June 15, 2004
Boo from the start.

a guy
8:42 pm | June 14, 2004
i odnt think sgt jhonson is that powerful... oh yeah kinda sucked bgi monkey penis.
MC's Cousin
4:41 pm | June 14, 2004
Yeah, detail is good. I agree with 343SB there. When you don't have detail, the story goes by too fast, because the reader can not get themselves into the material of the story.
The plot was alright, fairly interesting, although you still have work to do. Read the books to get more insight on the attitudes and actions of the characters and races. Read them again if you have already.
You can achieve halfrules with an insersion of a "[hr]" where you want the halfrule to appear.

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343 Salty Beans
5:11 am | June 14, 2004
Use code, describe more stuff. You left out way too many details. It seemed like the story was short because the details were missing.

Interesting plot, too...well, I can't say poorly because that's not right. It's more like you simply left out information due to laziness (speaking of being lazy, good job! Laziness is the key to happiness). So too lazily written to convey the plot properly.
8:40 pm | June 13, 2004
write more. i give a 9 outta 10 because of shortest