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Comments for 'Shadow Spartans, Chatper 4: The Running Prophet'

Adam McDougall
1:55 am | September 21, 2003
Great story!!! Keep up the excellent work and please write some more!!!!
5:53 pm | July 22, 2003
would the elites that threw the prophet in the dropship get punished?
5:45 pm | July 22, 2003
awesome 11/10
Agent Shade
1:15 am | July 20, 2003
no they couldn't off, the Covenant arrived pretty much just as they found the Prophet
12:52 am | July 20, 2003
heh, never read it, besides, it doesnt really matter, they're Collin and Arinoth for god sake lol =) From what I've seen of them they could have pulled off capturing the prophet but its still a good chapter 8/10
Agent Shade
5:58 pm | July 19, 2003
Elfster, if you have read Fall of Reach, Dr. Hasley clearly says that if you kill a Prophet, it will elevate the war and make the Covenant very angry, which is why they are trying to capture it
5:06 pm | July 19, 2003
It was cool but don't you think they should have killed the prophet while they had the chance? I mean really, whats it gonna do? Float it's fat ass around and try to run them over? lol
3:21 pm | July 19, 2003
great story, 10/10. Can't wait for the next one