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Comments for 'Shadow Spartans, Chapter 1: Combat Ready'

Spartan 117
7:41 pm | July 28, 2003
all spartans are elite. i applaud the idea, but its like saying: shadow seals: elite navy seals. it makes it seem like the other spartans are just regular soldiers. and i read the Fall of Reach, but what's up with SPARTANS I, II, and III? its so confusing.
Spartan 117
7:41 pm | July 28, 2003
its good
6:07 pm | July 3, 2003
Cool, can't wait for the next one!9.5/10
Agent Shade
1:37 am | July 3, 2003
sounds good...we just sent in chapter two...should be up soon
12:34 am | July 3, 2003
hi its carnage i think im gunna use this instedda pooman wudda uall think?
Agent Shade
7:42 pm | July 2, 2003
yeah, i will be honest here, Colin Thompson is actually my real name, but i'm getting tired with making up different names and last names, so i figure, fuck it, just use my own name...thanks for the comments
Arinoth Koby
2:02 pm | July 2, 2003
No, this Colin isn't a human like in Shadow Ops. This Colin and Arinoth are special elite Spartans called Shadow Spartans. We plan on explaining these guys more this upcomming chapter
12:41 pm | July 2, 2003
great story i loved it, colin is back!! (is it the same colin from shadow ops?) 10/10
Arinoth Koby
3:43 pm | June 29, 2003
Yeah, our bad, we'll try and be more descriptive of the surroundings next time
Agent Shade
2:15 pm | June 28, 2003
well, its hard to understand if you haven't played the game...you'll notice that the title of the story is Shadow Spartans, and its obvious to guess that the two people we talk about in the story are Spartans...therefore, the armor is the same and we did describe the weapons in the beginning. As for the setting, you are right there...we didn't talk a lot about that...
Her Majesty ^_^
11:45 am | June 28, 2003
It's pretty good so far...too many weapons to remember though XD
3:52 am | June 28, 2003
Ok...Ummm, I've never played the game before, I was asked to read it and I think it's pretty good. Lot's of action no der but not much description of the dsetting, suits, armor and weapons, yet it was captivating
3:25 am | June 28, 2003
Great job
3:03 am | June 28, 2003
And we need to get the next chapter of this thing up
Agent Shade
1:42 am | June 28, 2003
boy, i have this new series, Shadow Ops and i gotta start continuing Battle for the Norah...i'm a busy boy lol, thanks again
Wiley K.
6:32 pm | June 27, 2003
Cool, 9.5/10