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Comments for 'Shadow Ops II: Chapter Seven'

12:49 pm | December 26, 2003
CoLd BlooDed
11:12 pm | December 25, 2003
Merry Xmas everyone, I got First Strike for Christmas! Woo hoo.
Sergeant B
10:11 pm | December 25, 2003
To the guy with and nack for sexual harrassment aka GAY.

Cheater. Nice idea. And Walker, you don't have XBOX OR HALO, well, XBOX. Man, and you're a Halo guy without Halo. Weird.
Someone sexy
2:24 pm | December 25, 2003
I pasted all your stories and handed them into my 9th grade teacher and got 8/10 for Shadow ops
and 9.5/10 for Project shadow spartan she said i had real talent huh jokes on her
12:54 pm | December 25, 2003
Yeehaw! I got an Xbox and Halo for Xmas! Thank you mom!
Agent Shade
9:13 pm | December 24, 2003
thanks guys, and i doubt i will be doing a scene where marines drop weapons to start a fist fight with the Covenant....i just wanted to try that out and see what people thought, even though of course i didn't go into extreme detail. gracias amigos
4:27 pm | December 24, 2003
I don't know much about millitary ranks and that stuff, so I hardly mind the rank errors... the marines throwing down their weapons and charging was more of a mistake. But these errors count almost as nothing considering how well the overall story was.

Oh! And the APU in ¨the matrix¨ sucked in design these other ones seem to be slightly better (enclosed cocpits for example...). I understand how they kinda looked like the goliaths in starcraft, but probably slimmer, like the Atlas mech...

Can't wait for the next one...
3:13 pm | December 24, 2003
THANK YOU WALKER! I've been racking my brain trying to remember where I had seen someting like that before.
2:08 pm | December 24, 2003
Very good; I liked it a lot. I did find one problem with your characters: I understand that the Shadow Ops are even more... special than the normal Special Forces, in this case the Helljumpers, but it seemed, to me at least, that you were expressing that difference by making the Helljumpers into dumb grunts. Jumping up when they know it's a sure way to die and not accomplish anything, being cut down like they have had no training whatsoever. Also, time and time again has history demanded that an armed man is more dangerous than an unarmed one. If your entire force drops their guns, it would be only too easy for some of the enemy to rake them down. Just like the Samurai, who, contrary to popular beleif, used weapons gladly before they even considered karate, and only then when they had been disarmed and wounded until they could find another weapon, these Helljumpers would use their guns before fists, just like anyone with an ounce of common sense. Maybe you said they were out of ammo, but I didn't catch that. Even so, their guns cancause more bodily harm than fists. That's about the whole problem.

Otherwise, I noticed Owens beating up the Elite and then telling him "Welcome to Vivec." Reminded me a lot of Independence Day, will smith beating the alien, and telling him "Welcome to Earth." Still, It was funny. Good story overall.

Semper Fi

Agent Shade
12:53 pm | December 24, 2003
the Death Walkers, i was leaning more to the Matrix Revolutions, but also tried to incorporate some Mechwarrior....the Death Walkers aren't as mobile as the APUs in Revolutions...thanks guys
6:47 am | December 24, 2003
good story equals lots of comments
2:35 am | December 24, 2003
Agent Shade
2:23 am | December 24, 2003
yes Horror! perfect example...the Death Walkers are indeed a lot like the Goliaths, just different design style and stronger weapons
1:07 am | December 24, 2003
and by the way im just shocked at how many comments are in my stories. oh wait you can't type sarcasm.
1:05 am | December 24, 2003
I don't know I kinda pictured the DW's to be like Goliaths in Starcraft, but if thats what you were thinking then I guess I have to rethink the DW's
11:37 pm | December 23, 2003
I'm leaning more towards the mechs in the Matrix: Revolutions.

(Robotech was a good game tohugh, while it lasted)
Sergeant B
11:23 pm | December 23, 2003
Oh yeah, do the Death Walkers look like the Zentraedi Officer Pods in the Xbox game Robotech: Battlecry?
Sergeant B
11:10 pm | December 23, 2003
FOrunnER, I read your story when I woke up! Uh, 8:00 AM. Agent Shade, I said Major Kerr COULD command a Company because, well, these are ODSTs. BUt, who cares. And I said nice story already. Didn't I?
9:51 pm | December 23, 2003
Excellent Shade, keep up the great work.

If you want, check out Fall of Fate in this batch.

8:46 pm | December 23, 2003
I knew the Flood were oging to factor into this somehow. This is really, really good, Shade. Just keep it up!
7:59 pm | December 23, 2003
Oh and by the way, would you please read Second War for me? Its my first story in months and CovieKilla is the only one that has responded.
6:20 pm | December 23, 2003
I love the mystery element surrounding this story. Private Tucker, the Floods sudden appeareance, it all adds to the suspense of the story. Not to mention the battlescences are kickass. My only thought was that the one-on-one hand combat between the Elite and Lieutenant Owens was unrealistic, in HALO: Fall of Reach, an Elite gave a SPARTAN trouble in hand to hand combat, Owens wouldnt really have a chance. Other than that though it was awsome, and dont worry about the company-platoon thing, its not a big deal.

I give this story an A+ (Im using letter grades now to grade stories)
Blue DUde
6:18 pm | December 23, 2003
I dont give a crap bout the platoon and company and what the hell ever problems.Excellent story who cares if u made little tiny mistakes.
Blue DUde
6:18 pm | December 23, 2003
I dont give a crap bout the platoon and company and what the hell ever problems.Excellent story who cares if u made little tiny mistakes.
Agent Shade
5:33 pm | December 23, 2003
okay, i understand that i've totally screwed up with all the companies and the platoons and the commanding officers okay? the whole hand to hand combat part, was a scene that was going through my mind, since i had just finished watching Lord of the Rings again....don't hate this story cuzz of these mistakes lol
4:23 pm | December 23, 2003
i loved this chapter, the discribtion was excellent. I'm worried if the Flood are gonna kill the Helljumpers, as my name suggest, i have a soft spot for these marines. just two things, not to be nit picky, it doesn't really matter,
1) "platoon of three hundred fifty ODSTs" i'm going to assume that you meant a company, but even a company doesn't have that many. maybe a battalion of two companies with three platoons per company. with that many soldiers you need a lot of officers and high ranking NCOs just to get things done
2) at the end when everyone ran out of ammo including the Covies, marines wouldn't just throw done their weapons like that and charge. Marines are taught how to use their rifles as weapons. If i was there, i wouldn't want to try an fight a Jackel or an Elite with just my fist. They are bigger and stronger than the average human, even an ODST. I could understand them charging and using their rifles as clubs, then pulling out combat knives, but many marines would just die.

i don't mean to be nit picky or anything, its just wat i foud was wrong.
Agent Shade
4:16 pm | December 23, 2003
did anyone like this chapter, besides the rank problem and Private Tucker?
4:07 pm | December 23, 2003
One thing to keep in mind: The UNSC lost a great many soldiers, from various echelons and divisions. The lower or higher ranks commanding things they normally wouldn't is... somewhat understandable. As long as they're qualified enough.
Agent Shade
3:58 pm | December 23, 2003
Sergeant B, i remember you telling me that Captains command Companies, not Majors, but changing the ranks suddenly wouldn't be right since i'm maybe halfway through the story.....also, Private Tucker will be explained soon guys....not this chapter, but Chapter nine
3:54 pm | December 23, 2003
since i'm still clueless as to how Tucker came to be what he is (hopefully this will be revealed later) I'm going to say im not entirly sure that the new covvie fleet arriving is full of covvies...
PS: if i'm right don't tell me
Sergeant B
3:11 pm | December 23, 2003
PS: First and Second Post!
Sergeant B
3:09 pm | December 23, 2003
Nice Shade. Awesome. Very nice. But now I understand why MAJOR Kerr would command a COMPANY. Probably they needed someone of higher rank to command Helljumpers as they were more superior, I suppose? Well, everything was great. And so this invisible thing WAS Tucker but not all the way. It was the Flood. BUT, what about the invisibility...wait, probably a flood ate a Field Commander and Tucker all at once, I don't know...