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Comments for 'Shadow Ops II: Chapter Six'

Sergeant B
3:11 pm | December 23, 2003
Oh really Mainevent? Cool. You like it?
Agent Shade
12:27 pm | December 23, 2003
odd how a little problem such as mistaking the rank of the commanding officer of a company can lead to an outbreak of comments....i guess this is good, but none of it relates to my story lol....oh well, keep at it boys
3:29 am | December 23, 2003
Gotcha Chief, thanks. I've been using a computer besides my own while mine is in for repairs, so I haven't had time to check in there in a LONG time.
FOrunnER to Jamirus99
1:45 am | December 23, 2003
Dude, you better hurry up and get your but to JOTD pronto. YOur way overdue on the fanfic project, if you dont post the next part soon they'll skip you.
1:38 am | December 23, 2003
it doesn't really matter the story was good and so will the next one. i'm working on chapter 4 of my series Battle for Tecron, hope u guys enjoy it
9:33 pm | December 22, 2003
I'm watching The Battle History of the Air Force right now.
Sergeant B
7:57 pm | December 22, 2003
Oh yeah, what Helljumper? A student? To a Pro? What?

Walker, I see. In We Were Soldiers, a Lieutenant colonel took charge of some 1000 men. Good. Well, that makes sense as probably the Colonel was deceased, or...something else. But that happens.

Sergeant B
7:52 pm | December 22, 2003
Oh geez, listen Helljumper. Majors aren't Lt. Colonel's XOs. They are in charge of the Battalion.

Shade: Well, the Commander Keyes would, and should have his Lt. Commander(s) be on other decks as whatever you call them, like sub-routines? But as I said, Captain Keyes wouldn't need a 2nd-in-command as he was still alive. And if he needed one, probably, and I mean PROBABLY, one of the bridge officers would take charge after the COs' death.
CoLd BlooDed
7:50 pm | December 22, 2003
...And your stories are so good...
7:25 pm | December 22, 2003
I have an XO in my main story right now. I've loved the military ever since I can remember, so, while most people would be out with their friends, I stay home and study military history. The guns, generals, tactics, battles, etc. And I have a great history teacher, one that, if she wrote the book we use, it would be three times as long. Just about the only career I've ever considered is a military one. Since I was ten I've been preparing to try and gain admission to Annapolis. Just a little about me, there. Point is, I love the military. That's why Halo appeals to me so much.

Semper Fi

6:56 pm | December 22, 2003
Keyes was only a ship's captain. Not fighting on the ground. By the time the Bridge would have been overrun, he would have destroyed the NAV databases, and set the POA to self-destruct. But at Halo, that plan went to hell.
6:44 pm | December 22, 2003
ok ok you win, but i was right. now adays, battalions are commanded by lietuent colonels with majors as their battatlion XOs. i served as an Xo before being a battalion commander at the rank of lietuent colonel, thats why i'm wondering why there don't seem to be any XOs, they are important people. when the commander takes a plasma bolt to the head, someone needs to take charge. i figure that in future warfare like in Halo, it would be useless to amass large ground armies in anyone place like a corp or even a briage because spaceships in orbit can easily blast out a huge army. so i see why the marines would function in groups of only a company or a battalion if spread over a large area to hold. you wouldn't want to group your soldiers. it also seems like the Covies use gorund forces in order to take structures and important areas if they need them or as clean up crews after a planet is glassed. I'm also a student of warfare sergeant b, bring it
6:08 pm | December 22, 2003
By normal limits, this is what I meant (the set I use, but as I said, things change):

Squad-8 men, Corporal or Lance Corporal (Marines)
Platoon-32 men, Sergeant or Lieutenant
Company-100 men, Captain
Battalion-200-300 men, Major
Regiment-1000 men, Colonel
Brigade-600-2000 men, used to designate a special unit nowadays, Colonel, Brigadier General
Division-10000 men
Corps-100000 men
Army-More than a Corps

Semper Fi

6:06 pm | December 22, 2003
Oh, and by Full Bird Colonel he was stating a common nickname based on the eagle included in the insignia of a Colonel.
6:02 pm | December 22, 2003
Actually, my previous comment was directed to Helljumper. Now I retract it, because it was idiotic and rash.

Units can change so much, to assume there's any set number is ridiculous. As long as you're fairly close within the normal limits, you should be fine. In "We Were Soldiers" a battalion of almost 2000 men was commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel. In Custer's Last Stand, with the original 7th, he was a Lieutenant Colonel in charge of about 1000 men and his unit was split into three battalions, each under a Major who all saw plenty of action. So, as you see, things can change. Write what you want.

Semper Fi

Agent Shade
6:00 pm | December 22, 2003
Sergeant B, thanks for the info. what about Commander Keyes for the Iroquois? who was his second in command then? he had no AI, all he had were his bridge Lieutenants....
Sergeant B
4:47 pm | December 22, 2003
Helljumper, also, Battalions are command by Majors and Lt. Colonels. Colonels aren't called Full Bird Colonels. Just plain Colonel. Oh yeah, it's Keyes, not Hayes, from the Pillar of Autumn, not Autohmn. And Keyes as the starboard AI Cortana as a Second-in-Command I think. And why would he need a Second-in-Command if he was still alive. Oh yeah, I just remembered. Major Silva. Yeah, him.
Sergeant B
4:32 pm | December 22, 2003
Helljumper, are you competing with me. Ask me for Military units, ranks, etc. I good, he bad! LOL, just a joke. But I've been supplying military information longer so I am better!!!! WAHAHAHA!

To Shade! Man Shade, look here, and remember:

Team(2 or 3 Marines)
Squad( 4, 6, or 9 Marines)
Platoon( 20, 24, or 27 Marines)
Company(100, 108, or 120 Marines) Note that 120 can be 96 Marines instead
Battalion( 400, 432, or 480 Marines) 480 can also be 360
Regiment( Usually 1200 since I think squads are 4 men. I think. But I read 9 for a squad. Help would be nice. Can also be 1294 or 1080[I'm not sure]
Brigade(Can be used, but not used frequently-2400 Marines or 2388 Marines)
Division( 10,000 men to 13,000. No more, no less)
Corps( 30,000 to 39,000 men)
Army( 120,000 to 146,000 men) Note that Army is an appoximett number as I am really note sure.

I hope this helped and PLEASE READ.

PS: Sorry for the longness of this. I really want you to know this.
Agent Shade
4:00 pm | December 22, 2003
oh i've studied the world wars, cold war, all that other fun stuff, just never gone into extreme detail about military units....i agree about the second in command Helljumper, but can you tell me who is the second in command for the Pillar of Autumn, or even the Iroquois for Commander/Captain Keyes?
3:09 pm | December 22, 2003
Apparently you've never read any military history before 1995.
Agent Shade
12:58 pm | December 22, 2003
damnit, someone give me an internet site or something about all the military units!!!

PS: thanks for the comments
12:22 pm | December 22, 2003
You can have some slack from us nitpickers, from me at least, because I'd think that in 500 years unit formatting would be changed multiple times.
12:18 pm | December 22, 2003
Though to add to what Sergeant B said, battalions are (or at least used to be) traditionally 2-3 companies. That's be like 200-300 men. It's really any combination of companies that's not a full regiment.
12:15 pm | December 22, 2003
So... I was right! It was Tucker! Good story, Shade. You have some of the best action sequences of anybody around. There were some errors with units as I'm sure Sergeant B will correct, so I'll leave it to him. The only real thing I had a problem with was some of the conversations and relations between the Major and Owens. The Major shouldn't have saluted Owens, and I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but not only do these guys grin like there's no tomorrow, they seem to be revered by everybody. C'mon, somebody's gotta hate 'em.

Semper Fi

7:27 am | December 22, 2003
i meant agent shade not sergeant B
7:21 am | December 22, 2003
sergeant B and who ever wants to know bout military units and ranks and overall military knowledge, just drop me an email Pittklipse@aol.com yea usually during war, the size of military units will increase as more and more people are drafted or recruited. what i never understood was that in Halo, on the Pillar of Authomn or however u spell it, Captain Hayes never had an executive officer, or any kind of second in command. Its hard to just have one man in command as opposed to a chain of command.
~former JROTC Battalion commander~
oh yea battalions are commanded by a lietuent colonel or a full bird colonel. majors work as battalion staff such as a S-1 incharge of personel, S-4 incharge of supplies. majors never see combat, well usually and they always chill out in the rear with the gear
3:27 am | December 22, 2003
Also this is 500 years in the future, military regiments/battalions/divisions, whatever, may have changed during those 500 years. Thats the great thing about the Haloverse, with so many things unsaid, you can really mold it into anything you want!
1:00 am | December 22, 2003
good point Walker, the human population is ever growing, and they military in Halo universe does want as many men as possible so makes sense that Battalions would change in size. Plus its more dramatic and hateful to the covvies that they killed lotsa marines. Insolent twats!
11:41 pm | December 21, 2003
Good story Shade. I was semi-lost because I haven't read too much of this series, but this one was good. Other than what these guys said. Work on the number thingy and you'll be fine.

P.S.: Foregoing the Experience has just been submitted. More action than a all-you-can-eat-buffet at Jenny Craig's.

FOrunnER to Sergeant B
11:10 pm | December 21, 2003
Spartan III's has hit a snag right now, writers block. I wrote a new story and submitted it. You might have to wait a while for the next Spartan III's, Im just having trouble with it. I'll probably just be dropping off a short story here and there till I get out of my block

UJH is mainly inactive cause I'm bored with it. Plus, Im spending alot of time on homework.

P.S. Sorry for taking up space Shade
10:45 pm | December 21, 2003
ok so you said 2000 dropships... that would mean like 16000 covvies based on each can hold eight right? i feel kinda bad for Vivec, Colin seems to have a problem too.
Agent Shade
10:43 pm | December 21, 2003
can someone please tell me a site where i can find all this information about companies, battalions and all this confusing shit...it's obvious the site i choose is wrong...
10:25 pm | December 21, 2003
Excellent....and this just got a whole lot more interesting.

Whoever guessed "Tucker" was right!
Sergeant B
10:18 pm | December 21, 2003
Helljumper, yeah. Captains command Companies, Lieutenants as his XOs. Oh yeah, two Battalions aren't over 2000 men. One Battalion is 400 men, two are 800. And Majors command Battalions.

Shade, nice story. I like it. But, Tucker...some mad man Hitman guy now? Or maybe...some thingy, (ex Yaxin?)

FOrunnER, where are you. Where is the Spartan III series? And what happened to UJH. It's so, INACTIVE.
10:12 pm | December 21, 2003
oh yea and Majors do not command just a company. Companies are commanded by a captain with an executive officer as second in command with a company first sergeant who has a lot of combat experience and who the officers in the compnay look to for advice, well usually. The 1sg is only interested in the interest of his soldiers and not all the ass kissing and politics that officers usually do. wow thank God for ROTC
9:42 pm | December 21, 2003
Tucker? Blue? Rapid Healing? Invisibility? Plasma Sword coming out of wrist? Yellow eyes? All I have to say is: HUH?

Anyway, pretty nice story regardless. Im sure you have a perfectly resonable explanation for Tuckers..errm..situation. 9/10
9:38 pm | December 21, 2003
Damn ever chapter you write gets better and better. I'm loving the action. The death walkers or watever they were called seem like those things from the Matrix. Those things should kick ass in combat. Wow i hope the humans win
9:09 pm | December 21, 2003
Nice installment, Shade.
9:02 pm | December 21, 2003
Interesting... very interesting
8:06 pm | December 21, 2003
Great Chapter. :)