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Comments for 'Shadow Ops II: Chapter Five'

CoLd BlooDed
1:41 am | December 23, 2003
Ya 'Nosolee this has turned into a Morrowind chapter...

So....about Morrowind...Just joking hav I nuthin else to say, do you Main?
9:44 pm | December 22, 2003
The sword should kill them if they are unarmored, but they are armored, and in some cases have very tough skin.
9:33 pm | December 22, 2003
wtf is this, a Morriwind chat room? lol, j/k
CoLd BlooDed
7:07 pm | December 22, 2003
I only stuck to the side quests, I bought the stragety book (its huge) and read the part where you do the main quest and sometimes wake up to an enemy.

That freaked me out, lol, so I stuck to the sidequests.

Also, my person reached 100 in Athletics cuz I always used to jump to my location.

The one fault about that game is the fighting, shouldn't a sword kill somebody almost immediately?
7:05 pm | December 22, 2003
I have every Legendary artifact that I could possibly want in Morrowind.

Class 36 Redguard

100 Heavy Armor
100 Long Blade
100 Blah blah blah

I am....and to quote myself here, "The man."

P.S. $1,106,000
10:36 am | December 22, 2003
I used an Orc that had high personality and stealth. So I can pickpocket people, and if they catch me, I can put an axe in their head, or pursuade them to like me again.

Do you mean that you had never seen Predator before now? Damn, that's a classic flick.
Agent Shade
10:47 pm | December 21, 2003
i have Morrowind for X-Box
CoLd BlooDed
6:45 pm | December 21, 2003
Correction: YOU could get it...
CoLd BlooDed
6:42 pm | December 21, 2003
I could get it Sergeant B, but you might want to buy a memory pack or something cuz it takes up alot of room.

Redguards are the humans right? Thats the only one I use.
Sergeant B
3:45 am | December 21, 2003
Nice...right. And so many people like Morrowind. Maybe I should buy it.
6:54 pm | December 20, 2003
I always use Redgaurds, because their strong.

I have mediocre magicka in Morrowind, but I have kickass weapons and armor.
12:47 pm | December 20, 2003
Cool, your name is Agent Shade again.
CoLd BlooDed
9:31 am | December 20, 2003
I USED to enjoy Morrowind until I had to delete the file so I could play other games :(. Pretty good story tho, but I like ground battles better like Jamirus...
5:59 am | December 20, 2003
I loved the space battle. I'm interested in seeing wat is gonna happen next.
Agent Shade
4:36 am | December 20, 2003
hey thanks guys, i'm glad you still liked it...rest assured, although this may seem like Predator, which i rented and watched, it won't be. it won't be like it at all. as for Morrowind, i love that game. i use Imperials, Dark Elves and Reguards. just thought i'd say that hehe
1:11 am | December 20, 2003
Great, just great i loved it, A++, hm anything else i can say... nope by the way ive submitted part two of my story (after much delay sorry and sorry again)
1:11 am | December 20, 2003
I dont know if you mentioned this in previous chapter comment "zones" if you will but ive just remembered that Vivec and Vardenfell are places in Morrowind, good game usually a woodelf
1:11 am | December 20, 2003
I dont know if you mentioned this in previous chapter comment "zones" if you will but ive just remembered that Vivec and Vardenfell are places in Morrowind, good game usually a woodelf
Chechen Fighter
11:50 pm | December 19, 2003
I like the story, I see you borrowed a little from Predator. I hope you would not use the same ending though :o) . Don't kill off the whole squad.
10:50 pm | December 19, 2003
I say it was PFC Tucker... PFC Tucker gone mad! Good story, Shade. The space battle was good, though it seemed a lot like the one with Keyes in TFOR. Keep it up.

Semper Fi

10:38 pm | December 19, 2003
Why is everyone saying it was an elite? I know itīs the most likely explaination but it might be something else.... the story never said it was an elite (besides, no plasma knife). And I think an elite would try to kill the humans in the tents instead of leaving like that.

And the space battle was really cool... you should include more of those.
Agent Shade
8:32 pm | December 19, 2003
okay, so my first attempt at a space battle was okay....my bad about all the mistakes....seems there's too many to name lol there won't be a lot more space battles, i just wanted to try it out....thanks guys
8:08 pm | December 19, 2003
These things are so frickin long... I tink you should split 'em up more. That's my only comment for now, as I'm in the middle of reading.

Semper Fi

7:59 pm | December 19, 2003
Oh man, couldn't you have just stuck with ground combat? Shade....my favorite part of the space fight was this:

"The three vessels looked like giant whales, but were whales with teeth. Very large teeth."

...Yeah, BEFORE the fighting started. Because the second you mentioned "Super MAC" guns on a "cruiser," I just couldn't enjoy or appreciate it. Human-kind is outgunned. From First Strike we can gleam that they are feverishly building defenses at Earth. They don't have many cruisers left...and certainly not ones that are wandering around with new weaponry.

I accepted it before because of your "hidey-hole" from Earth....but come on man, if we had had cruisers with superweapons, they would be guarding Earth.

On the other hand, the short ground situation was nice. I want that elite dead.
3:08 pm | December 19, 2003
10/10 Boo invisible guys
2:19 pm | December 19, 2003
Invisible*, gah!
2:12 pm | December 19, 2003
Yes, the invidible guys are the best, hence my name ;)

Awesome Shade, space fight was fantastic. The only minor critcism is that you should italicize ships' names([i]Ship's Name[/i]).

1:59 pm | December 19, 2003
Nice story, space battle was pretty cool. The Nuke would of fried many computer systems on the ship and could of also fried some MAC controls. Nice story though, as I said before, Damn f*cking invisible people have all the fun :D. Good job, I can't wait for the next one.
Steve Ollett
1:36 pm | December 19, 2003
Again, you post a fantastic piece. The space battle was really good, with very believeable dialogue.

Two things though,
1. When Lieutenant Campbell talks of the breach in the bay doors, in reality objects are blown out (not sucked out) as the atmospheric pressure of the ship is greater than the vacuum of space.
2. Although your description of the Invisible Elite is ace when it stabbed the Marine Jameson, surely the blood that is pumped out of the guy's neck after his main arteries are severed would have hit the Elite and shown it's form even when 'cloaked' like in the film 'Hollowman' when they put stuff on Kevin Bacon to make him visible.
1:34 pm | December 19, 2003
Why the heck don't you make more space combat fics than you do groundpuonders? Your space ones are awesome, man. Oh, and the NOrah will be in the next update. Threaten to not send in any more Shadow Ops II stories until everyone reads it, okay, man?