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Comments for 'Shadow Ops II: Chapter Four'

Thomas Harper
11:51 pm | January 13, 2004
have all ur storys printed out in a folder. love them!


aslo, very suspensful at the end. lol!
4:14 am | December 19, 2003
Doh! I posted that twice. Im an idiot.
4:11 am | December 19, 2003
I just realized your writing again Shade. Yay! That's cool. Your story is cool, and I like Morrowind too.
4:11 am | December 19, 2003
I just realized your writing again Shade. Yay! That's cool. Your story is cool, and I like Morrowind too.
1:27 am | December 19, 2003
Aliens vs. Predator will be alright.

Prediction: Rushed and sucky.

Hopes: It will rock.
11:21 pm | December 18, 2003
10/10 Another master piece added to my gold collection. Good work shade!
Agent Shade
10:41 pm | December 18, 2003
must we turn this comments page into a chatroom about history? *cries*
9:47 pm | December 18, 2003
What history thing? If you're referring to what I was talking about in my corrections of your spellings of Leonidas and Thermopylae, how does an error on your part make you better? I fail to see the logic in that. Maybe you are better, but I've never seen you show it. But I am good at history. I think Hornet34 will attest to that.

Semper Fi

Sergeant B
9:18 pm | December 18, 2003
I take that back. Maybe you're better...
Sergeant B
9:13 pm | December 18, 2003
Hey, anyone know anything about the Great Pyramid?

The star Alpha Draconis is EXACTLY on the North side of the King's( or Pharoah) chamber. Zeta Orionis is on the South.

In the Queen's chamberd. The North is exactly lined up with Beta Ursa Minor and the South is on Alpha Canis Major( or Sirius.) May help on some UNSC history?

And Walker, you're good at this "History" thingy. I'm better. Just that some things I don't know how to spell...but hey, I started Algebra in 5th Grade. Usually start it in 6th...
Agent Shade
8:26 pm | December 18, 2003
see, that's why i often don't use space battles or situations in my stories lol sorry guys, i'll fix it up.
Da Mann
7:29 pm | December 18, 2003
That was an intense story. I was on the edge of my seat while reading it. Great stuff 9.9/10.

Also, since the ships are in space, they'd probably need to use three dimensions (x, y, z):

e.g. "Covenant Battleship holding position, bearing; 045 mark 105 mark 320, range; 200 Kilometers*."
1:30 pm | December 18, 2003
Oh, yes, that too. Dirtside directions don't apply to space. I mean, if you point your finger straight up, that's not north, it's up. Forgot to mention that.
Steve Ollett
11:53 am | December 18, 2003
Nice work - but as said already a bit like the Predator film.

If you are referring to an object in space, then it would usually be located by taking bearings (in degrees) from the X an Y axis of the ship's centre point, e.g. "Covenant Battleship holding position, bearing; 045 mark 105, range; 200 Kilometers*."
(*=or whatever unit of measure you wich to use)
4:21 am | December 18, 2003
good story anyways

3:40 am | December 18, 2003
Only problem I noticed was this one: your use of katanas was pretty much ridiculous. Sure, they are purty-lookin' sharp swords, but their length and bright coloring make them unfit for chopping away vegetation while trying to be hidden. Also, that's not their purpose. They're made to kill people, not cut away vines. You use machetes for that. If you were planning to have them kill with the katanas later on, a machete will do the job just as well. Katanas are not military-issue equipment. Machetes are. Good story, though. I hope Tucker makes it.

Semper Fi

3:20 am | December 18, 2003
Lol, that is how i would like to say, handing bad critism with a vengence. Lol, you should of seen my comments on my earlier fan fics with my cruddy grammer....it was a war on the comment pages...lol
Sergeant B
2:12 am | December 18, 2003
Nice Shade.

And Math is my subject. Ask me, I rule. I started Algebra in 5th Grade...ask me.
Agent Shade
2:06 am | December 18, 2003
what the hell is Predator? don't laugh at me because i haven't seen this movie, or w/e it is....as for Morrowind, i like that game, so i use the names....Omega, i'm sorry to say this, but i'm sure you share the same feelings. i really don't like you lol. let me write the story as i see fit....it's too early for you to suddenly assume i'm gonna copy something, when i can tell you now, i'm not....now, if you would be so kind as to shut up, thank you
1:34 am | December 18, 2003
Yeah I know how you feel about math. English and Science are more my thing. Well nice job regardless, anyways any chance of commenting on my story. I do have one out, thanks.
1:32 am | December 18, 2003
Pretty good read. Though I noticed you pulled the names of the planets and the system from Morrowind. And I fear that invisible entity thing is gonna turn out to be a Predator rip-off. I'm still kinda pissed about that Quentin Tarantino thing, from "Nowhere to Run." Do us a favor and don't make the same mistake.
Agent Shade
10:41 pm | December 17, 2003
my bad about the space compass idea then lol. i'll use units of measurement next time, but like most people, math is my worst subject
9:54 pm | December 17, 2003
Nice story, I liked it quite a lot. I can't wait for the next part, a couple mistakes. I just wanted to point out there is no north east in space. The north, east, west, or south is created by the magnetic forces on the earth moving compasses. Just wanted to point that one out, nice work. Damn invisible people, having all the F*cking fun.
Agent Shade
9:00 pm | December 17, 2003
thanks guy. sorry about the non-natural part
8:30 pm | December 17, 2003
Hey shade im really one of your big fans..welll ya. I've read your Survial (I think) and i kant post comments are anything under my opressive Internet Content advisor, anyway i'd like to say keep up the fan fics becasue they own
8:23 pm | December 17, 2003
Good job Shade. But...

"There's something non-natural up ahead"

That's definitely "unnatural"