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Comments for 'Shadow Ops II: Chapter Three'

Agent Shade
4:00 am | December 17, 2003
lol, lots of big words there Walker...the Warthog chain gun in the game has three barrels, and i used to always think the chain gun was 30mm. as for PFC Tucker, he's coming back, don't worry, check out my next chapter when it's posted
2:35 am | December 17, 2003
Well, I liked it. I remember finding some problem that I intended to correct, but since I forgot it I guess it wasn't that important. There was a small matter of you calling the chain guns on the backs of the 'Hogs 30mm, while the Fall of Reach calls them 50mm and The Flood calls them 12.7x99mm (.50). You can go with either. I've chosen to use 50mm, but, then again, I use a combination of the calibers from both books. I have found, though that both 50mm and the Pelican's 70mm chin guns (HTF) are extremely large to be anti-infantry weapons. Even as anti-material they are a bit oversized; the USAF's A-10 Thunderbolt (AKA Warthog, Flying Gun, just to get a gist of its firepower) uses a single 30mm cannon to take out tanks and bunkers, or Maverick AGMs. Well, point is, it's a good story. What happened to PFC Tucker?

Semper Fi

Agent Shade
7:54 pm | December 16, 2003
good, the figure is confusing you all haha....my idea behind this story, i believe, if fairly interesting, so stay tuned....the figure won't be reveiled right away

5:30 pm | December 16, 2003
Still love this series... about the invisible guy, I don't think it's a flood or covie. It should be something unpredicteble, somthing suprising... we'll see.
10:59 am | December 16, 2003
Good stuff.
Josh Plev
10:03 am | December 16, 2003
really awsome man. it's cool,and very descriptive. THe figure at the end...i don't know what it could be. my best guess is the flood or Spec. Ops. Covanent. it's really good man, same with the rest of the series.
5:26 am | December 16, 2003
OWNED, nice shade nice.
Agent Shade
4:00 am | December 16, 2003
what, i didn't indent when a new paragraph started? least i separated them so you could tell. i'm too lazy to type [indent] every single line, so i don't....least i use [hr]
2:10 am | December 16, 2003
Nice job, I really enjoyed it. Hmm an invisble figure, might be trouble. Well I can't wait for the next one, good job keep it up.
2:08 am | December 16, 2003
*cough* psuedocode *cough*

Other than *cough* you didn't use the fucking pseudocode *cough* a few small things it was great.
1:03 am | December 16, 2003
i reckin its frickin pimp bruh
know what'd be way pimp
*moves in close and starts to whisper*
if that cloaked guys killed like a member or two
imma have a few of my main characters die
oops...thats not a spoiler is it?
9:02 pm | December 15, 2003
Sergeant B
8:57 pm | December 15, 2003
Cool. I liked it. Yeah, I feel 50% sorry for him. 50% for not being able to fight on the frontline, 50% for having a 75% chance of living in all his battles.