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Comments for 'Shadow Ops II: Chapter Two'

John Kitchen
7:02 pm | December 16, 2003
DUDE!!!!!!!THIS SHIT IS AWESOME!!!!KEEP PUTTING EM OUT!!!!! i only got one thing to say. In Germany they say is "ist" not what you said, i forgot, oh, well, i dont know if you were going for accent or what, so, that's all. ITS GOOOOOD!!!
4:34 pm | December 15, 2003
Sorry it took me so long to get aorund to it.

Good stuff, Agent. Don't kill Tucker. Other than that, you've cleaned everything up nicely. Congrats on joining the "clean" list of fan fic writers.
Agent Shade
4:23 am | December 15, 2003
Shadow Ops II was the last team put into operation, then Sec. 13 was indeed disbanded...thanks for the comments
Sergeant B
1:34 am | December 15, 2003
Just a note Shade. On SOI: End Game, didn't it say that sec. 13 was disbanded or something, like SOIIs weren't heard of again...later, not SOI...just a note. Heh? And I just read Project Shadow Spartan, all of it( I was not there at the time of it's Conquest) it was awesome! Cool man. Like, totally! Hey, where is Shadow Spartan story? Can't wait for Chapter Three of Shadow Ops II...hell yeah. Damn cool.
10:32 pm | December 14, 2003
Actually I got the idea from We Were Soldiers.
10:29 pm | December 14, 2003
Great great story as usual Shade, 10/10/10. Hey duck who cares about a German accent its pretty realistic. Hey Cechen Fighter I just used 105mm Howitzers in my next chapter of CWTE well I got thw idea of using artillery instead of Scorpions.
7:32 pm | December 14, 2003
Good story. Not much else to say. 9.6/10.
Agent Shade
4:38 pm | December 14, 2003
yes, you are right, Colin's vocal cords were removed, however this is another thing i forget to mention in this story. Colin underwent surgery where the vocal cords of another human being were implanted into his throat, enabling him to talk...again, i'm sorry i forget to mention this. i've been quite excited that you are all liking my story so far, so i guess i accidentaly left it out. hope it's not a big problem
Sergeant B
2:06 pm | December 14, 2003
The first one...you created. I was nice and maybe you SHOULDN'T of "cut off" it. And I mean maybe. But at your rate and "coolness" of this SOII story, I might as well regret what I said...
5:39 am | December 14, 2003
I was reading "Shadow Ops 1: the outpost" today and noticed that you didn't stick to what you said about Colin's voice: you said he had his vocal cords removed or something like that...well I'm only half way through the first series, I'll see how it turns out, good though
4:48 am | December 14, 2003
thx pimp
Agent Shade
4:30 am | December 14, 2003
thanks a lot Mainevent...i agree, i wasn't liking the other Shadow Ops II....SOS, when your story comes up in the fan fiction section, i'll read it
1:16 am | December 14, 2003
Shade...i just submitted another part of my series
could ya read it when its posted for me
thx bruh
10:48 pm | December 13, 2003
I liked it a lot. I think it's better than the other second Shadow Ops....

I just wasn't diggin it.
Agent Shade
9:40 pm | December 13, 2003
in that case Snowy Duck, shut up about the accent lol. thanks guys

Sergeant B, what do you mean by not cutting off the first Shadow Ops II?
9:13 pm | December 13, 2003
Well, your German accent came off with a bit of French... the whole "z" replacing "th". That's French. Otherwise it's pretty good.

As for universal language, that would be English, seeing as it's already the universal business language. But people would still speak their own languages in their own countries, I would think.

Semper Fi

9:11 pm | December 13, 2003
Can't see anything wrong here, just very good stuff... no, I don't have a problem with the german accent... Can't wait for the next one!!
Sergeant B
8:55 pm | December 13, 2003
Oh yeah, why don't you put commas or periods after quotes? Ahh, who cares...no one cares.
Sergeant B
8:53 pm | December 13, 2003
Uh.......I like Shade's "Universal" German accent than Snowy Duck's...heh. LOL, comes from Disney, right? And, maybe you SHOULDN'T of cut off the "FIRST" Shadow Ops II...maybe.

Otherwise, nice story dude!
8:01 pm | December 13, 2003
Agent Shade
7:34 pm | December 13, 2003
does anyone else have a problem with the german accent i am using before i attempt to address Snowy Duck's problem?
Chechen Fighter
7:07 pm | December 13, 2003
Pretty good, please don't kill off poor Tucker. Does the UNSC believe in Artilary support (howitzers etc..) may be a good place to introduce them. Flame throwers too :o) Grunt barbeque :o) Keep it coming though.
5:24 pm | December 13, 2003
its not THAT big of a deal
i liked it
gj man
4:50 pm | December 13, 2003
i like your writing a lot but i hate this friggen german guy's talking.

"Shadow, zere are three Vorthogs intact. Colonel Fitzgerald ish sending marines to head to ze battle wiz them" Feuer reported."

if you really wanted to translate those words properly it would be
"Shadow, dort are three Worthogs intact. Colonel Fitzgerald ist sending marines to head to der battle mit them" Feuer reported.

see, your german accent isn't even close, a stereotype that wouldn't exist in a world with no need for multiple languages, and would have a universal language
3:49 pm | December 13, 2003
I'm still a little ify about this but gotta admit its really friggin good.