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Comments for 'Shadow Ops II: Prologue'

5:21 pm | March 5, 2004
I liked the story but I have to ask this, why is shade talking in this one, when in Shadow Ops I you said he could not talk even if he wanted to.
4:38 am | December 12, 2003
Awsome Shade, way better than your last one. Just one question though, why are they fighting the Covenant? In your last one the Covenant and Humans had an alliance, what happened to that? Or is it to be explained later on? Oh well, good story anyway. 9.7/10, keep up the good work.hf
1:27 pm | December 11, 2003
Minor problems, such as 7.72mm instead of the proper 7.62mm, and the mad grinning these guys do.
11:28 pm | December 10, 2003
Honest mistake, which I can accept.
Agent Shade
7:48 pm | December 10, 2003
glad to see you liked it...Walker, i'm sorry about the medic part...don't hate me because of it, just a mistake i made. i guess i should've put it on Jacob Bishop is more of a fighter then he is a medic or something...thanks guys
6:13 pm | December 10, 2003
Exceptional...Agent, you've returned with a vengeance. This alone IMO puts you on par with Frensa. I was really surprised at how REALLY good this was. It's even better to see an author like you re-ermerge at a time when the other goodauthors are taking breaks. (Not that there aren't a couple of newcomers who are doing well, and now that Arthur Wellesly is back.....)

My one problem: "A group of Grunts being protected by Jackals, moved towards Death and Spirit, who focused their firepower on them."

What compelled you to put a comma in the first part of that sentence?
1:18 pm | December 10, 2003
It was good, except for the part where you said most medics were cowards. Nothing could be further from the truth. I can't remember his name, but did you ever hear of the medic in Vietnam who won the Medal of Honor? He was with his platoon in a good, safe position, but there were some more guys in a mixed platoon across a "No Man's Land" of bullets, shrapnel and barbed wire. The mixed platoon had several wounded and wouldn't last long. With a knife in his mouth and his kit on his belly, he crawled across the No Man's Land about six times, being wounded multiple times and still going to administer aid to the platoon on the other side. When he got back he worked on those wounded during his absence before having aid administered to him, and helped carry litters onto medivac choppers. You call a man like that a coward?

Semper Fi

Josh Plev
7:52 am | December 10, 2003
ya Shade, it was very good. better than "okay". The writing was awsome, it was alot like how the books were, switching between the covenant veiw and human veiw. The grunts do talk like that, so i guess it is cool to put that type of talk in the story. The names are good too. They relate to the story and how the book named names. hmm...i would think there would be a universal language, but everyone has an accent man. Unless the German was raised in space or in a colony, he would have an accent for a person who's native tongue isn't english. It's a bit hard to leanr a second lang. and not have an accent. Dude, keep the stories coming. I think Shadow Ops II will kickass. Where exactly would the front lines be? Earth? the moon? or the Covenant Homeworld? oh well, i'll just wait and see.
Agent Shade
1:11 am | December 10, 2003
other than that, it was okay?
11:21 pm | December 9, 2003
the only thing i don't like is the german guys talking. if a german has an accent they don't say "after ze two shade"....i mean, it's the year 2500-2600, they've definitly got a universal language, the most would be a slight accent.
Agent Shade
10:32 pm | December 9, 2003
Walker, did you like the story?
9:54 pm | December 9, 2003
I'm pretty sure that Louis Wu has an IP checker and can see who's really submitting a story, which is how he prevents fraud (otherwise, wouldn't you think there would be fakes all over the place?)

Semper Fi

Agent Shade
7:48 pm | December 9, 2003
this is the real Agent Shade, Nazgul....although the Grunts sound like the humans in Halo: The Flood, i personally feel they shouldnt talk like us, mainly because of the quotes from Halo, the actual game. "me hurt you" i don't know why i dropped Nemesis either....i just feel i started as Agent Shade, i should finish as Agent Shade....Agent Shade is somewhat of an original name, unlike Nemesis. Nazgul, if you don't believe me, don't read the story then, i'm trying to get back into the groove by writing a successful series, unlike Shadow Ops II: Nowhere to Run....i didn't like it, i don't think anyone else liked it, so i started this one...thanks Steve and josh, hope other people read this
3:27 pm | December 9, 2003
I'm truthfully not really sure if this is the real Shade or not, usually the Grunts don't sound like yoda from starwars, and I don't know why he would have changed his name back to Shade and dropped Nemesis...I don't know but this sounds screwy
Steve Ollett
1:41 pm | December 9, 2003
Nice stuff. The Grunt interaction is very believeable, and you set a tense atmosphere with your writing as each one gets taken out! Excellent.
josh plev
1:14 pm | December 9, 2003
dude, this is awsome. very nice. cantw ait for the next.