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Comments for 'Survival, Chapter Eleven(Finale)'

7:53 am | October 20, 2003


This series rock.. hard... really hard!

I've been following you in the series about Shadow and now this.. not to mention the MJOLNIR.. you should publish all the series as collection of "HALO: the shortstories" or something.. whatever you do.. it's magic and it rocks hard... really..
9:12 pm | October 18, 2003
So are you saying it doesn't matter if we respect the Marines enough to spell their name right? It does matter if it's core or Corps, because it IS Corps, and that's the name that we honor. Don't underappraise our Marine Corps.

Semper Fi

Javier Fernandez-Vina
11:11 am | October 18, 2003
Who cares if its core or corps.People will still know what you're talking about.Good stuff make more of it instantly.
Read my series , angels war.
11:17 am | October 17, 2003
SUHWEEEEEEEEETTTT!!!!!!!!!!! 12000000000000/10
10:05 pm | October 16, 2003
wow alot hapened while i was grounded i need to read this series
11:49 am | October 16, 2003
It's pronounced the same. The French word "Corps" is pronounced "Core" in English.
11:49 am | October 16, 2003
Come to think of it, it's pronunced "Core" in French too...
11:33 am | October 16, 2003
I loved every minute of this thing...Like I said earlier, I'm going to have to take some tips out of your book for the Norah (For those of you that don't know, the series I inherited from Shade/Nemisis. Search for "Norah" is you want to read my parts...)
One (Minor)complaint...It seemed like every third Marine was killed as "A three round burst caught him in the back of the head"
But besides that, it's darn near perfect in every way.
11:11 am | October 16, 2003
WHOA! Let me take a breath...damn this was one hell of a good series Shade 'cough' "Nemisis"
'cough'. 10/10/10 Loved the plot it was awesome loved the action everything. Keep up the bloodly brilliant work!
10:42 am | October 16, 2003
And yes Sergeant B, you can call me Mainevant
10:39 am | October 16, 2003
It's pronunciation that makes Corps sound like core. Corpse is a dead body, and you really don't want your army branded with that at the end of their name do you?
10:39 am | October 16, 2003
Also, isn't "self-defense training center to teach people how to defend themselves while being attacked" kind of repetitive?

How many self-defense classes teach you how to defend yourselves while not under attack? Or do they teach you how TO attack, which basically nulls defense.


Just messin with ya. Great ending to a great series.
Sergeant B
12:43 am | October 16, 2003
1= MainevEnt. I didn't realize I spelled your name wrong. I mean it. But could I keep spelling MainevAnt? It's easier to type because its in me already. I'm used to it. Tell me if I have to spell the right way
2=Nemeses, it really sounds like CORE. But like Walker said, its CORPS. You know, on TV, they don't say it correctly. So there is:
company(aka battery)
brigade(rarely used. Walker, hope you're listening!)
Corps, not Core

So there is a brief summary of the military units of the marines. Well, hope to here more of your MJOLNIR series........
Nemesis (aka Agent Shade)
12:25 am | October 16, 2003
thanks guys and i'm sorry to you Walker, i actually realized that you are also a writer, after i submitted this...and i'm also sorry about the Core problem...why do people say Marine Core than? thanks
9:27 pm | October 15, 2003
And Sergeant B, why do you spell my name Mainevant?
8:22 pm | October 15, 2003
I ain't just a commentator, Nemesis... I've written a series, two shorts, three poems, and I'm in the middle of one series... search for "Walker" if you want to check it out. And that goes to anybody... I didn't really read this series, but Nemesis is one of the best writers here, if not the most popular. There, I gave you credit. And I mean it too.

Semper Fi


PS: It's Marine CORPS!!! Not Corp or Core! French word, people. Learn your French word routes!
Nemesis (aka Agent Shade)
7:41 pm | October 15, 2003
wow, i'm glad you guys enjoyed this series...i have no talent sergeant lol, i just write what's on my mind...i think spell/grammar check is were my talent comes from hehe
Sergeant B
6:50 pm | October 15, 2003
Oh oh oh I love it!! It is just stupendous!! Awesome. It kicks the shit outta Dispraiser's or Mainevant's stories(hope you don't mind Dispraiser and Mainevant. I was just expressing how much I deeply love this series.) Nemises, this was perfect. Maybe somethings were wrong, but nothing affecting your story. It should be published. I'm not joking. Can you teach me how to right with such talent??
3:07 pm | October 15, 2003

Ok sorry lol going back to my happy EQ freak instincts.

absolutely perfect, couldnt say it in numbers, bro
Steve Ollett
9:50 am | October 15, 2003
Fantastic finalle. I could really imagine that being made into a film.

I liked the bit where you tipped your hat at 'Fan Fiction commentator Walker' by using the marine corp. motto.

The last paragraph describing the survivors on the second Halo was brief, but I suppose that by just keeping that simple you could leave that open for another series.