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Comments for 'Survival, Chapter Ten'

12:09 pm | October 14, 2003
dude, great story, but your punctuation could seriously use some work. it's not unreadable, just kinda bothersome. nice plot.
10:44 am | October 14, 2003
The smart flood confuse me, I am scared...
9:59 am | October 14, 2003
this is a fantastic series, beyond my comprehension actually, 10/10. the only thing i noticed (and it isn't bad really), is that most of the marines get hit in the neck. do u have some thing with that or what? =P hehe newayz this is just gr8. i actually got 2 packets of chips before i started to read it, and i skipped an episode of the simpsons aswell!
Agent Shade
10:39 pm | October 13, 2003
much appreciated monitor, and your story isn't that bad
10:06 pm | October 13, 2003
Backed by an advanced plot a shit load of compelling action and the Flood can comunicate with humans...ingenious. Shade once again you prove to be one hell of an author you have outdone yourself yet again! Like I said this makes the virus look like a Poodle fighting a Bull dog! 10/10/10/10!
Nemesis (aka Agent Shade)
7:05 pm | October 13, 2003
wow guys, i'm quite glad you are enjoying this. Elfster, i do have Halo for the PC, but haven't played for a long time, mainly because of the lag...stupid integrated video card...

thanks guys
4:17 pm | October 13, 2003
Stupid *unaudible* flood *unaudible* mother *unaudible*.

And did you get Bishop from Aliens? or was it alien?

Either way.
Sergeant B
11:24 am | October 13, 2003
Oh I love it!! It is excellent.Awesome!!! Keep it up dude!!
3:43 am | October 13, 2003
holy shit. Nemesis? Is that your name on HaloPC? if it is, I just got my ass kicked by you! yay!

Lol, 10/10 as always.. flood... need...to...DIE!
1:37 am | October 13, 2003
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, 10 out of freaking 10. If the next generation of fan fic writers can be half as good as you, they'll be in good shape. Youre creativitey is unparreled to any other Flood stoy I've read. However I sense the inevitable ending drawing closer...
Peace Out
1:28 am | October 13, 2003
I read this entire series in two days.
Wow, man. This is incredible. I would never have thought up something like this. As a matter of fact, I'm going to have to take a few tips out of your book on how to make the Flood operate.