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Comments for 'Survival, Chapter Nine'

Alpha Lance
9:54 pm | October 12, 2003
Damn good series! (10/10)
9:07 pm | October 12, 2003
Loved it man sweet sweet addition t this fic! The action is very addicting keep up the great work!
Agent Shade
3:48 pm | October 12, 2003
my bad
3:36 am | October 12, 2003
I have nothing against you AS, you apparently just don't understand my playful sarcasm.

[sarcasm]*RVB Sarge Voice*You're making that up[/sarcasm]
Nemesis (aka Agent Shade)
10:24 pm | October 11, 2003
Mainevent, it seems as if you have a problem with me or something, your attitude reflects this...good to have you back 'Nosolee
4:53 pm | October 11, 2003
cool, 10/10

Btw, Fall of Fate chapter 13 is in the que. It should be posted today.
4:30 pm | October 11, 2003
You're making that up....
Sergeant B
9:41 pm | October 10, 2003
Nemises!! Yeah!!
Agent Shade
9:41 pm | October 10, 2003
gentlemen, relax, all with be clear in due time (i hope) for those of you who do not like Flood-stories, read MJOLNIR, my other new series
Sergeant B
9:39 pm | October 10, 2003
I love it Shade!! Or Nemines(I forgot)
9:21 pm | October 10, 2003
Fitzgerald should have killed the two phony marines, and then Lieutenant Bishop died and was going to get infected and Fitzgerald killed the infection form and then had to have a one on one with the captain, but thats just my opinion, and not many people will be happy to see everyone killed and the flood rule lol
9:14 pm | October 10, 2003
Very good. In fact, the best story I've read so far today. Is Bishop gonna look like a combat form, or is he a 'phony'? And why did they subdue rather than kill Fitzergeld? Ah well, I guess I will have to wait till the next story to find. I usually don't do this anymore but 10/10, PEACE OUT
7:30 pm | October 10, 2003
gotta make it quick im grounded 10/10