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Comments for 'Survival, Chapter Seven'

Agent Shade
10:39 pm | October 7, 2003
thanks a lot Jamirus, i actually was already invited...problem is, i don't know how to join..thanks guys
12:05 pm | October 7, 2003
I havn't forgotten Shade. Its four oclock in the morinin where I'm at and I'm to lazy to go over specifics, but nice story 9/10.
Agent Shade
1:10 am | October 7, 2003
thanks Elfster...has everyone like forgotten about me or something? no comments *cries*
1:10 am | October 7, 2003
Nice Agent...I admit I've been someone remiss in reading your stuff, so I've got a boatload of writing to read ;)

Moving on....this series shows alot of potential. You write with good style, story aside (which is good)

A bit choppy (mainly comma usage...) but still readable in an enjoyable way. Needless to say, since I know you go for that kind of stuff: 8.5

I suggest you join the 7th column Fan Fiction club...thingy....at:


That way we can proofread and offer advice. Cheers!
10:30 pm | October 6, 2003
Well, Savard better be one hell of a fighter lol.