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Comments for 'Survival, Chapter Six: Days of Rescue and Defense'

6:57 pm | October 2, 2003
good 10/10
Alpha Lance
9:30 pm | September 30, 2003
Really good story, the best one I read from you so far. And I said, "So Far." Meaning that your going to make better fics in the near future.
Sergeant B
6:38 pm | September 30, 2003
Didn't see it Simmy.
Sim McGaulkin
12:30 am | September 30, 2003
Wow... Great story here.
Does anyone else have problems with the
FF submission form? It's not working properly...
Agent Shade
12:00 am | September 30, 2003
you're right sarge, but my story is a lot more realistic than in halo. their legs aren't covered up completely in armor like their upper torso area, so they sucumb to bullet wounds more often. as for the torso hits, i'll work on those, thanks
Sergeant B
9:34 pm | September 29, 2003
Oh FOrunnER................................
I love it Shade. Awesome. But I wondered, don't marines have ARMOR. And they shouldn't get wounded that easily. I mean like really, in halo, they get killed after they are shot at least 50 times! And at least in THE FALL OF REACH, what's her name? Uh...yes, uh........, forgot her name, but she took a couple of plasma shots before her shields were gone. Oh wait...yeah she has shields, that's why. NEVER MIND. Okay, in the game, they get killed after a book-full of shots hit them!!
God dammit. Time to go(Not). And Elfster, can I join your good chapter?(Is it good?)

See ya'll around!! Later dudes and dudstresses!

Sergeant B
PS-Forgot to say about grammar and stuff. Well, ya know now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:44 am | September 29, 2003
But what's in a name...
2:51 am | September 29, 2003
Ahhhh! I spelled my name wrong!!
2:49 am | September 29, 2003
Ditto Elfster. The Human-Flood death ratio is a little much though. THe Flood are a powerfull enemy and you might want to have some battles where the Flood are actually outnumbered and win. Just a thought, great story.
Agent Shade
2:47 am | September 29, 2003
thanks elfster. i did get your e-mail and sent a reply. i'll do my best with the 007 scenarios. i'm probably going to incorporate attack moves like the ones you do in Max Payne (for anyone here who hasn't played that game, rent it, it's cool). lol, a girlfriend...maybe...

thanks again
2:40 am | September 29, 2003
Great, as always, I especially liked the 007 thing, but its getting to the point where the action is a little much, and you need to come up with more creative fight scenes with more 007 type things like the Corporal did.

Oh and by the way I dont know if you got my email but I invited you to join my 7th Column chapter for Halo fan fic writers and I figure you're gonna check your fanfic comments more than your email most likely so heres the link:


Keep up the great work as always, and get Fitzgerald a girlfriend while you're at it =)